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Brazil NT Fans Divided Over Leaked 2024 Copa America Away Kit : ‘Looks Slick Except For’

Brazil NT Fans Divided Over Leaked 2024 Copa America Away Kit : ‘Looks Slick Except For’

The Brazilian national team will hope that bigger and better things are in store for them in 2024. The Selecao have not exactly had the most success in 2023 and have already lost three of their first six 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifying matches.

This includes the gutting loss to Argentina at home in what was an extremely violent and controversial clash. There is uncertainty over the Brazilian team too, with questions over their managerial situation. Fernandez Diniz is only their caretaker manager amid rumours that Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti will take on a full-time role at the end of the 2023/24 season.

For now, all the Selecao can do is put their feet on the gas in terms of preparing for the upcoming Copa America edition in the middle of 2024. This will take place after the 2023/24 European campaign is done and Brazil will be on the hunt for their 10th Copa America title, having last won the tournament in 2019.

While the players prepare for what is going to be a challenging tournament, their shirt manufacturer Nike seems to have already prepared the kits that will be worn in the competition. Brazil’s slick home kit was already leaked a while back and now the away kit also seems to have been leaked.

However, Nike seems to have made a few interesting changes to the design of the kit. They have retained the Selecao’s traditional away colours, having a dark blue base t-shirt with intricate yellow stripes all over the kit. The collars and sleeves are designed in a teal blue, almost greenish colour, while the Nike logo and their national team crest have their traditional yellow colour to it.

But what seems to really stand out in this away kit design is the interesting placement of the Nike logo and the team crest. Normally in basic Nike kits, they tend to have their logo placed towards the left and the crest on the right. In this, their logo is much bigger and more prominent – while the crest is placed centrally rather than the original position – which is around the heart area of a player.

The collar design is rather interesting too, being a mix of the V-neck design and a traditional football kit collar style. This is definitely a unique take on the Selecao’s jersey, with Nike making a few experiments in trying to give the Brazil team a new look heading into the Copa America.

With that being said, it has left most fans really divided over the appearance of the kit. Some supporters seem to be in love with the details and general look of the kit,  praising the pattern details on the attire as well.

However, a lot of the Brazilian supporters seem to be up in arms about the changes that Nike has made to the kit’s design.

Most of the complaints seem to be about their decision to place the crest in the middle of the shirt, which takes away the aesthetic of a football kit.

It remains to be seen if Nike pay any attention to these complaints and decide to move the positioning of the crest to avoid further backlash. The Brazilian kits for the Copa America 2024 are expected to be released in March or April, but going by the reactions, not a lot of fans seem eager to buy this one.