The Beyonce Debate That Brought Ronaldo And Messi Fans Together

After almost 2 months of uninterrupted club football, we’re back here again, it was simply too good to be true.

The UEFA Nations Leagues insists on going on (for whatever reason), KDB is forced to play Wales for the gazillionth time, and we’re forced to live out several uneventful evenings without League Football.
It ain’t easy.

This period is especially hard on Football Twitter, as instead of prattling on about players and teams, fans find solace in bizarre avenues.

A case in point is this latest debate constructed carefully by the FT think tank, which pits footy superstars against Beyonce.

It all started from a seemingly harmless tweet which questioned just how popular football players actually are and then drew a comparison with the Iconic singer.

Unknowingly, the user invoked the collective wrath of FT.

Before diving into their arguments, let’s establish exactly how famous ‘Queen B’ is.

275m followers on Instagram, 200 million records sold Worldwide, and numerous tracks with 1b+ streams. Safe to say, she’s a phenomenon.

But your standard FT stan account stands unconvinced, and how does he respond? Well, the ‘siuu’ seemed like a great place to start.

Cristiano Ronaldo‘s iconic celebration is an absolute cultural force, you’ll catch MMA fighters doing it, F1 drivers doing it, and Youtubers doing it.

Even his contemporaries can’t help but echo in the ‘Siuu’. The celebration alone is enough to hint at the popularity of the athlete itself, who’s currently the most followed account on Instagram.

CR7 fanboys were out in full force making a case for their idol, and soon, they found some very unlikely allies.

Diehard supporters from the Leo Messi faction, who are usually at odds with their CR7 counterparts, opted to band together with them in this strife, all because someone mentioned a pop star.

The once-in-a-lifetime scenes were lovely to see.

Eventually, the argument took over Football Twitter and takes from all over started flooding in.

Dybala’s epic presentation at the Fendi HQ and Carlo Ancelotti’s classy cigar-clad picture were said to outweigh Beyonce in terms of popularity.

And we can’t help but agree, although we’re almost definitely biased.

One of the best takes to come out of the extravaganza is this one, which comes with an image depicting kids from rural Kenya sporting a Mesut Ozil Jersey.

It shows off the distinguishing factor of the Beautiful Game, and what makes it probably the most popular thing on the globe. It’s the world’s game.

Football is one of the most accessible sports out there, with its lineage and history being so iconic that the games now bring out pure emotion.

Any individual from even the most underprivileged corners of the world can just pick up a ball, play, fall in love and become a fan.

And by extension, football’s superstars are the globe’s biggest.