Twitter Convinced This Tiger Fully Looks Like Jurgen Klopp When Liverpool Concede 

The ongoing season has proved to be quite the roller-coaster for Liverpool, who’ve seen their fortunes oscillate repeatedly.

The Reds started the Premier League as strong title contenders, but due to shock losses and poor performances, the top spot appears firmly out of the picture.

While their recent games have led to more positive displays, Liverpool were clearly rattled during their lacklustre string of form.

There’s no bigger evidence of this than the gaffer himself, as even Jurgen Klopp‘s jaw often dropped to the floor at the state of his side.

The German is normally an energetic figure on the touchline, prancing around relentlessly while vociferously shouting instructions and being a menace for the 4th official.

He also happens to be extremely expressive, from evil smirks to almost maniacal mood shifts, the 55-year-old has it all in his locker.

He has never been shy about it either, you can catch Klopp staring down the opposition’s warm-up one second, and offering the camera a bewildering look the next.

The man’s meme potential is simply off the charts.

There’s one expression in particular that Klopp seems to have a strong fondness for, and one he pulls out very often.

Typically preceded by an opposition goal, the expression sees Klopp’s jaw sink into the floor, making the German’s disbelief very evident.

Images of his shock have seen extensive usage as meme templates. And now, Football Twitter has gone a step ahead by bringing a tiger into the mix.

Through accident, or perhaps intentionally, Footy fans online came across this incredible image of a flabbergasted Tiger, one that looked uncannily similar to Klopp.

The eyes are elevated, the mouth is gaping and the vibes are dumbfounding, it all just fits.

Fans online went ahead and slapped on an LFC-themed cap and a pair of glasses, and the result is…eye-opening.

We didn’t expect a Tiger to radiate Klopp vibes, but Football Twitter continues to surprise us.