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The Huge Typo Sky Sports Made While Spelling Erik Ten Hag’s Name

The Huge Typo Sky Sports Made While Spelling Erik Ten Hag’s Name

As Manchester United came out from behind Aston Villa, not once, but twice, in their EFL Cup fixture, Sky Sports made the blunder of spelling Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag’s name improperly in the post-match interview, creating an infinite meme template for internet users all over the world!

As United’s manager came up for the post-match interview to offer critical comments regarding United’s performance during their phenomenal win, Sky Sports displayed a label that identified the manager as “Erik Hen Tag” rather than Erik Ten Hag, which is the manager’s actual name. 

While this blunder by Sky Sports was nothing more than an innocent mistake, it is not the first time that the broadcasting company has made such an error.

In 2020, the network made the mistake of displaying Anthony Martial’s name under Marcus Rashford’s image in the lineup before the game and vice versa. 

Funnily enough, both times that Sky Sports has committed an error of this sort, it has been during Manchester United’s matches at their home stadium – Old Trafford.

The EFL game itself was a memorable one with the final scoreboard reading 4-2 in favour of the Red Devils. 

Having lost 3-1 at Villa Park, this win for Manchester United is certainly a welcome one and they will be depending on the confidence boost from the 4-2 victory to fuel their oncoming EFL campaign.

Ten Hag, in the interview, while commenting on United’s game in the two halves said, “Our two halves are never the same. We controlled the game in the first half by good pressing, we won a lot of possession but then did the wrong things.”

“Bad in transition, missing the pass, one step too late passing in behind so we missed a lot of opportunities. We were sloppy and had some corners against us. At half-time we said keep the pressing but be more direct. I’m proud of the team we could do that, we are happy tonight.”

Fans’ Reaction

@DutchVan454 – Erik Hentai

@4shaann – Sky sports have a track record

@RedDevil7707 – Maybe they interviewed Rarcus Mashford as well? 

@ellutd_ – It genuinely took me a good two minutes to realise what was wrong with this

@GShillver – Well Felix Arguson still the greatest United manager thats ever lived.

@UtdBlitz – Our best manager since Sir Flex Aerguson

@XavsFutbol – Shame his middle name isn’t ‘Gut’.

@GlorytoUTD – Might as well put erik hen tai

@lis6ndro – good meme material for slander tbh

@JamesUTD10_ – Hen is old in Welsh.. what are they COOKING

@DecafUtd – Gep Puardiola

@Walker07_the – Someone’s getting fired

@tweepgsx – @SkySports is there anything you can actually do right?

@razor5edge – That’s his stripper name for Hen parties.