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Warrington Goalie Sent Off For Sticking It To Guiseley Fan Who Replaced His Drink With Piss

Warrington Goalie Sent Off For Sticking It To Guiseley Fan Who Replaced His Drink With Piss

If you think that the outfield men are the ones soaked in all the pressure, spare a thought for the keeper in goal. 

While all 22 men face plenty of heat on the pitch, be it pressure from fans or the burden of expectations, the keepers are certainly the ones closest to all the noise. 

Stationed in between the sticks and in close proximity to the stands, the man with the gloves always has to watch out for fans, and keepers being distracted by their antics is a common occurrence, especially in lower-league Football. 

Such an incident caught the headlines recently, as mental scenes unfolded during a FA Trophy game featuring non-league side Warrington Town and Guiseley AFC. Part of Group B, the two sides went head to head in the Second round of the tournament at Cantilever Park. 

In attendance were the Warrington faithful alongside a section of away supporters, who are best described as hooligans. 

At some point during the second half, an away supporter leapt onto the pitch and swapped out Warrington GK Tony Thompson’s bottled juice for a similar-looking bottle filled with urine. 

The ghastly move was discovered by Thompson around the hour mark, reportedly after taking a sip.

Enraged he marched towards the fans behind him in search of the culprit, and proceeded to spray the bottle filled with urine on his face. 

Considering the offence, Thompson’s reaction was actually pretty tame, especially when you consider that it’s non-league football and normally the fan would’ve nothing short of a hammering. 

Nevertheless, the referee in charge clearly thought the opposite, as he sent off Thompson for his reaction.

His teammates and the staff on-site were all vexed by the ref’s decision, and the backlash continued after the news hit Twitter. 

Thompson himself provided his thoughts about the incident on Twitter saying, ‘Today I fell out of love with the GAME! I’ve been called many names but for someone to piss in my bottle, for me to drink it and then be told I wasn’t allowed to react because I’m a player is outrageous. That person has put me, my family’s health at risk and knocked me sick.’

The 28-year-old’s tweet left fans in agreement for greater protection of players from delinquent supporters.