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These Tottenham Hotspur Stress Balls Make Worrying About Spurs Easy For Fans

These Tottenham Hotspur Stress Balls Make Worrying About Spurs Easy For Fans

Being massively popular, Europe’s Biggest Football Clubs rake in millions in revenue, a portion of which arrives through merchandising.

Standard forms of club merch include the kits and off-field apparel, aside from which we have Footballs, cups, frames, posters, and all sorts of memorabilia. 

Of course, the merchandising doesn’t stop there, owing to the stature of these clubs you can slap their badges on just about anything and walk away with a pretty penny.

This has led to a more quirky side of club-themed products, from Stamford Bridge seed packs to Man United potato heads every avenue has been traversed. 

The most popular of these wacky commodities usually theme themselves around a recognisable element relating to the club itself, be it a piece of folklore, or the club mascot. 

Unfortunately for Tottenham Hotspur, one of their most well-established traits is being incredibly unsuccessful, with their last piece of silverware arriving all the way back in 2008.

And while we could harp on and on about this neat little ‘trophy-less’ tangent, we’ll refrain from doing so, as the focus, for now, is to give Spurs their due credit for an ingenious bit of merchandising.

Despite their consistent presence in the Champions League in recent years, and the development of the club in general, a trophy, any trophy remains missing, so you can imagine it takes quite a bit to remain a faithful Lilywhite. 

Pair that with 4 cup-final heartbreaks since their win in 2008,
3 of those came in the League Cup, with the remainder being an especially painful defeat to Liverpool in the Champions League. 

Safe to surmise, Tottenham supporters can often be a tense bunch, something which the club seems to have deemed marketable.

This came to light after a fan online spotted a Tottenham-themed Stress ball retailing at their local store.

Designed like a tiny football and coloured accordingly, the ball sells for £8 on Amazon and has apparently been in production since 2016.

You can always count on Daniel Levy for recognizing a money-making possibility early.

Depending on your lens, the product may be a bit shameless, or pretty clever. Fans online seemed to align with the latter, as they called for the balls to be handed out to match-going supporters. 

We’re all for that idea, it allows the club to do a bit of public welfare and spare fans from a trip to the gift store.

After all, seeing the DVDs on sale can be quite exhausting.