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Look: Chicharito Trashtalks Gamers While Streaming Warzone On Twitch

Look: Chicharito Trashtalks Gamers While Streaming Warzone On Twitch

In recent years, many Footballers have taken up streaming as a pass-time, and the hobby appears to be quite popular amongst players.

It all kicked off during the Lockdown, as the likes of Neymar, Kevin De Bruyne, Christian Pulisic and many others took up streaming to interact with fans and show off their gaming chops in the process.

While most Footballers’ streams centre around gaming, there are a few who focus only on fan interactions, with Alphonso Davies being a notable example.

Many from the game-centric bunch actually transitioned into eSports after receiving positive reactions from fans, with some even setting up their own eSports organizations.

Then there were others who got recruited by existing eSports groups on account of their impressive skills, an example being former Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez.

Now plying his trade at LA Galaxy, Chicharito has also been moonlighting as a steamer on Twitch for quite some time now. 

The 34-year-old regularly broadcasts through his channel ‘CH14’ and competes professionally for the reputed eSports franchise Complexity Gaming.

His game of choice professionally and casually appears to be Call Of Duty, the popular FPS series, and a short compilation of his streams recently went viral. 

Playing the BR mode of the OG Warzone, the clip shows Chicha dropping heavy, while also exhibiting a real fondness for the local linguistic flavor.

With the proximity chat enabled, the striker is greeted by some coarse language, courtesy of the rattled gamers he eliminates clinically. 

Fed up with the constant whining, Hernandez can also be seen clapping back with some choice words of his own, the transition into streaming has clearly been pretty seamless for the Mexican.

Menace on and off the pitch, Chicharito is a figure to watch out for in the streaming and COD spaces. Boasting a neat following of 765k on Twitch, the striker appears to have his post-retirement plans sorted.