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What Happened To Sidneuke, The Polish Streamer Who Ran Over A Dog

What Happened To Sidneuke, The Polish Streamer Who Ran Over A Dog

Twitch streamer Sidneuke has gained relatively concise popularity in her country of Poland. She is among those streamers who just like chatting with their audience on the platform, occasionally doing commentary on something viral or playing video games.

Sidneuke – whose actual name is Francuz Sid – played games like ‘League of Legends’ and ‘Tomb Raider’, as well as other online multiplayer games like Counterstrike: GO. She obtained around 7,000 followers on her Twitch channel and streamed for over 220 hours since first starting doing it on the platform in May 2022.

While she never really obtained a huge number of viewers, with her average stream viewer count being just over 150, Sidneuke managed to get a decent fandom in just under a year of streaming on the platform. She also has almost 5,000 followers on her Instagram account as well.

However, the Polish streamer managed to go viral – but not for something she would’ve liked at all. It occurred in February, after which her time on Twitch also came to an end.

What did Sidneuke do?

Sidneuke came under fire for one specific thing that happened in February. The Polish streamer decided to go on a drive and also stream her during the period, allowing her to chat with her followers as she went on with her errands.

At one moment in the stream, Sidneuke appeared to run over a dog that was lying on the road. She was distracted by her phone at the moment and couldn’t see a pack of dogs that were just on the road, failing to put the brakes on in due time and ended up going right over the dog.

This video managed to be clipped and spread through social media like wildfire, with many prominent accounts posting it and the streamer being widely criticized for harming a poor, innocent dog. Sidneuke tried to justify her innocence by stating that she did not genuinely see the dog on the road and that it was just an accident.

She later even stated that the dog did not suffer any fractures or prominent injuries and is set to make a full recovery after being checked with the vet. Sidneuke also communicated with the dog’s owners, even though it’s not yet verified whether she paid for the veterinarian care or anything that cost for the treatment of the feline creature.

Soon after her video of running over a dog went viral, Sidneuke was kicked out of Twitch. Indeed, the platform decided to give her a permanent ban for violating one of its policies.

She had violated the platform’s community guidelines and soon after the incident, clicking on her Twitch profile would show: “This channel is currently unavailable because it broke Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.”

What happened to Sidneuke after Twitch ban?

Soon after being banned by the Twitch platform, Sidneuke decided to start streaming in the newest competitor to it – which is Kick. Kick has attracted a lot of controversies over the last few months for encouraging some extremist views and offensive stuff that normally gets streamers perma-banned on Twitch.

American streamer Adin Ross has recently started streaming on the platform after being banned from Twitch. He’s even been able to openly state his extremist views, like a transphobic rant made in one of his streams too. Ross has even streamed sexual content, which includes watching his sister naked.

Not just that, but another streamer named HeelMike only received a one-day ban for openly having oral sex during a live stream. Sidneuke, however, has not stooped doing such stuff. She has just over 130 followers on the platform and barely gets enough views on her videos.

She has mostly been playing games and just chatting with her growing audience on the Kick platform and was seen playing The Witcher in one of her streams in February. The streamer also cooks food in some of her videos and again on the road to finding a decent fandom on the platform.

The Polish streamer also doesn’t appear to be driving in any other of her streams after learning a very bitter lesson about how badly things can go in those situations.

She’s been quite active on Instagram after moving to Kick, even posting pictures of her with dogs as a means of showing how much she loves animals and did not mean her ‘accident’ that led to the Twitch ban.

Twitch, for one, has become strict with their perma-ban – which means Sidneuke can probably forget about ever returning to the platform or getting her account reinstated.