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Secret CS Go Career Of Oleksandr Zinchenko Exposed

Secret CS Go Career Of Oleksandr Zinchenko Exposed

Oleksandr Zinchenko has been one of Arsenal’s bright spots in their recent success. Under Mikel Arteta, the Ukrainian left back is thriving. With Arsenal sitting top of the table, the full-back deserves praise for both his attacking and defensive work.

With most players, it’s always about what they do on the pitch that is always under the focus. But when a player’s off-the-pitch life is at focus, it’s mostly about something negative.

Seems like Zinchenko is not one of them as recently a revelation about the player was made online. It seems that in his free time, Zinchenko loves playing online video games and literally no one could have predicted what it was.

Zinchenko is the founder of Passion UA, a team that plays Counter-Strike 2, a game developed by Valve. But how did all of this happen? How is it that Zinchenko, a Premier League player formed a video game team? And who could have predicted that this video game team streamed their games over Twitch?

The other day Passion UA had a stream planned but unfortunately one of their players Edik Petrovskyi aka Zerrofixcs had to drop out as a result of a poor internet connection. Due to lack of time, they weren’t able to find anyone else to fill in for them. Finally, they decided to go into the match with their founder, Zinchenko.

Zinchenko, who had a match with Luton Town the day before, found a way out of his tough schedule to fit himself in for a few games. The game went fairly well but their team got beat for most of the game. Although Zinchenko was able to go full sniper mode on the opposition.

Back in 2022, the Ukrainian had also participated in a best-of-three gaming event. This was in solidarity with the people in Ukraine who lost their lives as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This was his way of honouring his homeland.

The Arsenal left-back and his team came back into the match from the 2nd and 3rd maps, inferno and Anubis. It is with this same desire, dedication and hunger that Zinchenko hopes to play for his nation and Arsenal.

Before Arsenal, he was with Manchester City, but however did not feature much in Pep’s side. He was sent out on loans to other teams. Arsenal saw the opportunity and came at the right time for him, and are now benefitting from his brilliance on and off the pitch.

Featured Image Source: Twitter