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The FPL Takeover Of Douglas Luiz And His Twitch Stream

The FPL Takeover Of Douglas Luiz And His Twitch Stream

Although there is a Fantasy element involved in this version of Premier League, the mania that FPL (Fantasy Premier League) brings to the table is on a whole another level.

How deep this fever dwells is clear from the recent FPL takeover of a twitch stream.

FPL enthusiasts are always sifting through the internet, sleuthing their way in and out of the football streets, just to get that single bit of extra edge which would nudge them over the millions of opponents or maybe that one particular head to head that they want to win at any cost.

It was one such case and the celebrity under the lights was Aston Villa‘s central midfielder Douglas Luiz. Twitch is Amazon’s streaming platform where even celebrities are seen interacting with their fans.

The Brazilian midfielder likes to switch on the stream and chill with the chatters once in a while on his twitch handle DGofficial6.

The center mid was involved in a match yesterday and provided a much needed 97th minute assist for his team. Aston villa was on the verge of their 1st home defeat in the Friday night fixture.

Before the midfielder was on the field saving his team from a defeat yesterday, he was busy saving the FPL managers.

Luiz has been streaming very often now a days. During the Villa game vs Brentford when he was out of playing XI due to suspension, he even watched the game during his stream and talked to the twitch chatters. He is very down to earth and replies to all the messages he can.

But the stream before game week 18 turned into an FPL fiesta. All the people in the chat suddenly started asking for team news and info about Aston Villa’s next match.

One user even asked him to give away the penalty taking duties to Ollie Watkins and the streamer even said “Why not, I believe in Watkins”.

It was all full of people trying to get any information and poking fun at the player. He tried to reply as much as he could and gave out information regarding Pau Torres not being available even before Unai Emery could.

Aston Villa being 3rd on the table, he thinks their team has a decent shot at the Premier League title.

Loving his nature and his streams, his stocks on twitch as well as in FPL have risen since. Due to his generosity some FPL managers even decided to make him captain for the week and they weren’t disappointed. Due to that last minute assist he has managed to gather 8 fantasy points this week.

On twitch his general viewer numbers are around 60 average but in that stream he reached 500+ viewers. Seems like FPL attack is pretty strong. The Brazilian acknowledged the rising numbers and was happy about it.

He usually streams games and like every other football player, is fan of the EA sport’s FIFA games.

It was a very sweet football, FPL and twitch crossover and who knows where or whom the FPL fans will raid next. If you get a chance go check out Douglas’s streams, maybe you might catch a fish or two.