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Alisha Lehmann And Douglas Luiz Rumored To Be Dating Again After Cheeky Kiss On Twitch

Alisha Lehmann And Douglas Luiz Rumored To Be Dating Again After Cheeky Kiss On Twitch

Alisha Lehmann, Aston Villa Women’s Super League forward and Aston Villa men’s team midfielder, Douglas Luiz were dating for a while last year until, they broke things off over a calendar photoshoot that Lehmann did last year.

But apparently it seems like they have patched things up a year later, reuniting with each other during a Twitch livestream, where Lehmann and Luiz were part of. Luiz gave Lehmann a kiss on the cheek during the livestream.

Their relationship remained friendly this year even after they broke up, with Luiz cheering on Lehmann’s team. The Brazilian midfielder was on good terms with Lehmann even before the Twitch reunion, he joined her for her birthday celebration with his teammates even bringing out the cake.

Before their break-up they were considered as a power couple in football, and they were even interviewed by Aston Villa’s own network.

This was not Lehmann’s first high profile relationship. She was previously in a relationship with Swiss teammate, Ramona Bachmann. Lehmann was one of the very few players to openly come out as bisexual.

Alisha Lehmann is the most followed female footballer on Instagram, and this made her available to other avenues that Douglas Luiz wasn’t comfortable with. Her rising success outside football was also an issue that led to their break-up.

Even though there is still no official confirmation from either Lehmann or Luiz if they’re together. Fans are delighted that the power couple are back together and hope things work out for them this time around. While some are not interested at all to them anymore.

Some are throwing theories that come January, Luiz might leave on transfer and that Lehmann is Aston Villa’s way of keeping him from going.

If Luiz leaves in January, then it will become even more difficult to maintain their relationship as it messes up their schedule.