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WTH – Cole Palmer Recounts When He Sent Ronaldo Nazario Packing in Call of Duty

WTH – Cole Palmer Recounts When He Sent Ronaldo Nazario Packing in Call of Duty

Cole Palmer is flying high at Chelsea, scoring 4 goals and assisting twice so far this season. It might not come as a shock that the Englishman has a soft spot for gaming.

The popularity of gaming has only grown among new gen footballers. Also, many Millennial footballers have found tremendous success in streaming on twitch.

Ronaldo, El Fenomeno also has a Twitch channel called ‘RonaldoTV’ with almost half a million followers.

The Brazilian made his twitch debut in 2021 and has been streaming consistently on Twitch since then. He also collaborated with Alexandre ‘Gaules’ Bolba, who is a former professional gamer and now a content creator.

Even after playing alongside the best, R9 couldn’t hold his own against Cole Palmer.

In an interview, Cole was asked about his last time when he played a Playstation or Xbox game. It was Call of Duty Warzone against the Brazilian striker. The Chelsea youngster came up with a hilarious reply when asked whether he sent him to the gulag?

I’ve seen him in the gulag, and I sent him packing…

said Palmer.

Here is the clip that’s circulating online, which includes the interview and the time when Palmer sent R9 ‘packing’.

It baffled the fans as they witnessed the most unlikely link-up.

Even with more experience, Ronaldo couldn’t go past Palmer like he used to on the pitch. Many recognize El Fenomeno’s gaming presence on the internet, but Cole chooses to limit his involvement. Other Brazilians on the platform include Neymar and Richarlison. Maybe the English international plans to create a twitch account in order to stream with the Samba gang.

Footballers and Esports

The footballers and Esports relation has been getting strong with the passing of time. Most of the players don’t have anything to do after their training. It’s only about eating and resting right when the sessions are done. That’s the reason many of them search for hobbies and gaming has only become more accessible since the dawn of the latest technology.

Many players have gone as far as to build E-sports teams. Gerard Pique, Sergio Agüero and Virgil Van Dijk are only some names who own an E-sports team. Their teams compete at the top, playing games like League of Legends, Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League, etc.

Inspired by their love for the game, Fortnite launched Harry Kane, Marco Reus and Neymar skins on the game. Both Kane and Neymar are big fans of the game, but the English striker is the biggest fan of them all[pun intended]. Kane shared a photo on social media of his child sitting on his lap, watching Peppa Pig on the screen above, while Kane played Fortnite on the screen below.

Whenever football fans talk about Fortnite, the first thing that comes to the mind is Griezmann’s goal celebrations. Even though the Frenchman didn’t get a custom skin, no one advertises the game better. We can see his deep affection towards the game on the pitch. He uses dances from the game as goal celebrations. The moves are so good that they can also give the Brazilians a run for their money.