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Bayern Munich defender Alphonso Davies releases first single with rap group made of footballers

Bayern Munich defender Alphonso Davies releases first single with rap group made of footballers

Despite the profession an individual is primarily engaged in, everyone dreams about living lavishly while doing what they love. For those stuck in a tedious 9 to 5, the thought of breaking free and succeeding while pursuing your hobby is simply euphoric. 

The same extends to footballers, even those who’ve reached the pinnacle of their beloved sport. This is why it’s common to see players pursue their hobbies, using the fame they’ve earned as a foundation.  A popular avenue many players have explored is trying their hand at rapping. 

The likes of Romelu Lukaku, Memphis Depay, Erling Haaland etc have all picked up the mic and spit a verse. Joining that list is Bayern Munich fullback, Alphonso Davies.

The Canadian has regularly expressed his love for hip-hop during his streams, and one could sense that it wouldn’t take long for Davies to hop on a beat himself. And he did so by dropping a verse on a track by the rap group he co-founded, Stugang.

Besides Davies, the trio features fellow footballers Alexis Fambo (SV Heimstetten) and Stephan Mensah (1860 Rosenheim). 

In the song, titled ‘Nur Weil’ (Only Because), the 21-year-old comes charging in with a fiery verse, at around the midway point of the track.

His efforts were commendable, to say the least. 

The cadence is present, the inflexions are harsh and braggadocious, and even the bars are rather solid for an amateur. As seen in the video, the outfits fit the part as well. 

Dripped out in all black designer wear from the likes of Supreme, and Yves Saint Laurent, paired with a sleek, minimalistic chain, Davies carries the swagger perfectly. 

His maiden endeavour with the mic seems to have gone down well with fans online. Perhaps the fullback may have a career in hip hop after all. 


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