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The Medical Reason Behind Jude Bellingham Wearing Torn Socks In Matches

The Medical Reason Behind Jude Bellingham Wearing Torn Socks In Matches

The English have left Qatar. Gareth Southgate is now contemplating his future as England’s gaffer. Undoubtedly, the defeat to France despite all the preparations and tribulations is not a sight for the kind eyes of the English fans.

Led by Harry Kane on the pitch, the Three Lions registered more shots on target but could only convert one from the spot in the box. However, France was clinical, converting both their chances into goals despite the relentless press from the English players.

It’s time to reflect on mistakes, and learn from them, but not shy away from some of the biggest positives as well. One of those positives has a name — Jude Bellingham.

The 19-year-old wonder kid has been the star performer for England in the World Cup. From opening the scoring for his team in Qatar to running the show in the quarter-final against France, Bellingham has been at the centre of this England team at all ventures.

He was already praised for his impeccable performances, but lately, when a TikTok video of him with torn socks surfaced after the loss in the quarter-final, the fans insinuated the French were extremely aggressive on the pitch, which is why Bellingham ended up with ripped socks.

It clearly seems that this insinuation is to boost the morale of the English fans who thought that they played fairly without committing many fouls like their opponents and, for them, the referee favoured the victors as well. 

But anyone who has been keeping tabs on the antics of players like Bellingham and Bukayo Saka knows the reason behind torn socks. 

The Borrusia Dortmund midfielder makes incisions on the back of his socks to relieve the tension in his bulging calf muscles.

This is solely done to allow better blood circulation to the calves and prevent any soreness or injury to the muscles in the lower leg area.

English defender Kyle Walker is also a fan of cutting holes in his socks and players like Saka and even Kylian Mbappe seem to pick up on this trend. 

Given the high intensity and frequency of the matches, players need to adapt to different strategies to avoid getting injured and Bellingham has just brought out another way of avoiding serious blows to the legs. 

And no, it wasn’t the intensity of the French that tore Bellingham’s socks. It was the man himself who thought of taking care of his legs, the same way he would have liked to take care of England and steer them into a World Cup semi-final for the second successive time.