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Juventus 23/24 Away Kit Leaks To Rampant Serie B And Pogba Jokes

Juventus 23/24 Away Kit Leaks To Rampant Serie B And Pogba Jokes

Juventus have seen their season turn upside down over the last few months. Their misery started in late November when the World Cup break had set in.

Out of the blue, their entire board of directors decided to resign from their positions in late November amid pressure from Italian authorities for financial scams.

Even President Andrea Agnelli – who held that position since 2010 – decided to walk away as the club dealt with some legal troubles. Soon after that, the hammers started falling on top of the club.

Following the season resuming in Italy, the Italian authorities finished their investigation against the club’s financial misaccounting in recent years.

After being found guilty of doing so, the Italian Football Association decided to punish them with a 15-point deduction in Serie A.

The Bianconeri saw themselves fall from second place to 10th place in one go just because of the deduction.

They currently sit on 13th place, 15 points adrift of the top-4 – knowing that failing to qualify for the Champions League next season could force them to sell major players to recuperate their losses next season.

Juventus fans have not taken this punishment well either. It has been estimated that a large number of the Juve supporters have cancelled their Sky Sports and DAZN (the Serie A broadcasters) subscriptions in protest of this point deduction.

In the region of Puglia, there have been 13,000 cancellations in just 24 hours. If this touches 500,000, the broadcasters could lose €136m in broadcasting costs.

What does new 23/24 Juventus away kit look like?

Amid their meltdown on the pitch and ongoing tussle with the authorities, Juventus have somehow been able to keep a hold on their major sponsors.

One of the biggest sponsors for them is shirt sponsors Adidas, who gives them over €50m per year just for a spot on their jerseys.

Adidas have been designing the Old Lady’s kits since signing a deal with them in 2015 and prominently featured in their attires over the last seven years.

It appears that despite whatever is going on with the club, the German brand are focused on fulfilling its obligation towards next season – despite the uncertainty over the club’s future.

Recently, there has been a new leak of Juventus’ alleged away kit for 23/24 season. It is a stark contrast from their current away kit – which is a plain black shirt with their crests and sponsor symbols in white.

This leak has shown that Adidas want to revert to a completely new design in the 2023/24 season.

Ironically, the leaked picture features the kit on the body of Paul Pogba – who is yet to make his second full debut for the Bianconeri since joining them on a high-profile last summer after leaving Manchester United.

The leaked version of next’s season alleged away kit shows a white jersey with an interesting pink stripe design in the middle.

There are of course the club’s iconic black colour in the kit, being featured in the shoulder stripes as well as the logos of various sponsors and the club crest.

How does it compare to past kits?

Interestingly, Juventus have a history of having pink-coloured away kits. In Pogba’s last season with them before his record-setting move to Manchester United, the Bianconeri had a light pink away kit created for them by Adidas.

Even Nike used to design such stark-coloured kits for them, with Juventus being one of the rare clubs to have pink away kits in the past.

The leaked picture of their apparent away kit for next season shows Adidas blending in multiple colours, which is actually mixing in well and earning a lot of praise from some fans too.

Juve brutally trolled for away kit

While some of their supporters seem to be appreciative of their upcoming away kit, Bianconeri’s embarrassing situation right now has made them the target of a lot of mockeries from fans.

Pogba, in particular, is being widely laughed upon by fans (mostly Manchester United ones) for joining a club that has come upon really hard times this season.

Some fans are mocking their leaked kit by claiming that it might have the Serie B logo on it, supported by the rumour that Juventus might be relegated to the second division if found guilty of even more financial miscounting.

Others have used the long-stretched joke of Juventus’ home kit white and black design being similar to that which prisoners are made to wear in Europe.

The most Juventus can do for now is for the entire squad to unite and play for the fans, who have been the poor victims of their downfall.

Massimiliano Allegri has a huge task to get them to qualify for Europe next season, but knowing his past successes and the quality of options in his squad, it would be foolish to write off the Bianconeri just now.