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Is Uber Offering Hotbox Option? Here’s The Truth Behind Viral Screenshot

Is Uber Offering Hotbox Option? Here’s The Truth Behind Viral Screenshot

The amount of convenience technology has provided to our day-to-day lives is unprecedented.

From the way we make our coffee in the morning, to how voice commands control the lights for bedtime, life without technology is literally unimaginable. 

Another such amenity is that of seamless transport, all it takes is a few taps on your phone and you can catch a ride anywhere from anywhere.

Pretty convenient isn’t it?

Now imagine you’re on board an Uber during your daily commute, perhaps on the way to your soul-crushing 9 to 5.

Your brow is low, your spirits even lower, yet another day on the grind awaits.

But what if you could participate in a little recreation during your cab ride? Maybe something to energize you for the humdrum that lies ahead.

If your preferred method for recreation is some good ol’ bud, then Twitter has the right fix for you, or at least, it did in theory. 

As you probably know, millions of people across the world like to dabble in a bit of weed consumption to relax and get a buzz going, and some even do so religiously

It is known to have proven medicinal qualities, and lighting up some ‘green’ is also a fun way to pass some time and re-energize the old noggin.

But of course, not everybody is on board with blowing smoke and getting blazed, making weed consumption a tricky task when surrounded by strangers.

Well, a viral screenshot supposedly captured from the Uber app seemed to address this very conundrum, as it featured a special kind of ride option for Weed enthusiasts.

Titled ‘Hotbox’ and presented with a neat icon of some green beside the car, the option seemed to suggest that Uber, the multinational corporation, will now match customers up with some very chill drivers who will actively participate in your smoke session.

The option even featured an appropriate caption mentioned right below that read ‘Drivers that don’t mind the devil’s lettuce.’ 

Judging by the title, what’s on offer here is a ride to your chosen destination alongside a driver that has no problem taking the reins of a smoke-filled car. 

Of course, the entire idea poses some major safety issues, especially when you consider that a customer’s life would be in the hands of a blazed-out driver.

And that’s pretty much how the veneer came off, as Twitter users realized that the screenshot was simply a clever edit. 

Sadly, there really is no ‘Uber Hotbox’, you’ll just have to light up your joints at home. The whole concept is still a pretty novel idea, barring the whole safety thing of course.