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Look: Victor Osimhen gets a cake doppelganger from famous Neapolitan bakers

Look: Victor Osimhen gets a cake doppelganger from famous Neapolitan bakers

Napoli forward Victor Osimhen has quietly been one of the best marksmen in Europe for years now, but his form this season has been truly next level.

The 24-year-old has scored 21 goals in 25 appearances for the Gli Azzurri, which includes a goal-scoring run of 8 games in a row.

Osimhen is well on track to finish as the Serie A’s top-scorer, while also securing a historic Scudetto for Naples.

His achievements so far have already turned him into a club hero, and the adoration the Partenopei faithful hold for the striker is really something else.

A pair of Neapolitan bakers have even turned the man into a delicious dessert, which speaks volumes about exactly how loved Oshimen is.

Named the ‘Torta Osimhen’, the dessert in discussion is a cake, created by Pastry chefs Salvatore and Peppe Mallone of the pasticceria Fresco Forno.

The cake itself is a mouth-watering affair, designed to replicate the striker’s look through a bit of ingenuity.

Its base is made up of chocolate, with roasted and chopped hazelnuts filling in for Nigeria International’s bleached hair.

His signature protective mask is also present, although we aren’t entirely sure whether it’s edible.

Intriguingly enough, the forward hasn’t actually needed the mask for about a year now, but he continues to wear it for superstitious purposes.

With Napoli so close to League glory, we don’t exactly blame him either.

Nevertheless, the striker managed to get a glimpse of the cake with the creators on hand to present it.

And fortunately for us, the whole interaction was recorded and posted online, and it really is as wholesome as it gets.

As seen in this clip, the chefs carefully hand the cake to Osimhen, who was seated in his car.

The striker excitedly exclaims after receiving it and beams happily for the entire length of the clip.
After getting a proper look, he even says ‘Oh, this is nice!’

We’ve seen banners, effigies and even statues, all erected in the honor of Footballers. But how many can claim to have a dessert named after them? Add Osimhen to the list.

In case you’re wondering, the cake isn’t a one-off specifically prepared for Osimhen. It’s actually a regularly-available item at the bakery and one that’s turning into a Naples delicacy.

Such adoration comes rarely, although Napoli are known to be a passionate fanbase.

Osimhen’s form has attracted attention from Europe’s biggest clubs, with the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea and PSG all said to be interested.

While a move abroad would certainly suit his development, it’s unlikely that the striker will receive a similar level of fanfare, let alone a decadent dessert.