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How a Napoli Teammate Helped Victor Osimhen Secure a Signed Haaland Jersey

How a Napoli Teammate Helped Victor Osimhen Secure a Signed Haaland Jersey

Erling Haaland and Victor Osimhen are undoubtedly the most lethal strikers in World Football at the moment.

With 45 and 25 goals respectively this season, both forwards currently sit at the top of the goal-scoring charts for their domestic leagues.

Judging by their displays this season, the pair will likely dominate European Football for years to come, and the idea of them coming face to face on a Football pitch is simply exquisite.

This could possibly come to fruition in the Champions League this year, as the odds of a Manchester City vs Napoli final appear to be quite real.

While fans would love for a competitive rivalry to ignite between the duo, the reality is far from it. 

As revealed by Osihmen himself, the Napoli forward is actually one of Haaland’s admirers.

The revelation came as part of a recent interview conducted by Daily Mail, one in which Osimhen shared details about his childhood, ambitions, and aspirations.

The 24-year-old also shared an anecdote surrounding the Manchester City striker, which centered around a shirt exchange facilitated by teammate Leo Ostigard.

A fellow Norwegian, the Napoli center-back is Haaland’s International teammate. And as such, he extended a kind favor to Osimhen. 

As stated by the Nigerian:

I play with Leo Ostigard at Napoli, who is very good friends with Haaland and plays for Norway with him. I am a fan of the Bundesliga so I’ve followed Haaland for a while and every weekend he seems to score 2, 3, or 4 goals.

Ostigard spoke to me a lot about him, how hard he trained, then one day he said: ‘If you want, I can bring you his shirt’. I said: ‘Of course, bro’. So he spoke to Haaland, who also asked for my shirt, so we swapped them through Ostigard.

Osimhen continued and went to heap praise on the Manchester City striker:

Haaland is one of the best of his generation so to be compared with him – and considered one of the best strikers in the world – only inspires me to do more.

The Nigerian International also expressed his own hunger and desire:

I can score 4 goals in a game, I can provide more assists, I can do many more things as I have the quality to execute them. I need to work even harder and then at the end of my career I can hopefully look back and say yes, I did some wonderful things.

With rumors linking Osimhen to Manchester City next season, there’s a chance, albeit minute, of a striker partnership taking shape featuring the lethal duo.

Nevertheless, these reports are simply rumors at the moment, but fans can still witness the duo share a Football pitch should Napoli and City make the Champions League final in June.