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Sneak Peek at the Leaked Ajax Away Kit for the 23/24 Season from Adidas

Sneak Peek at the Leaked Ajax Away Kit for the 23/24 Season from Adidas

Dutch outfit Ajax have been the recipient of some sold kits from Adidas over the years, and judging by some recent leaks, the trend is all set to continue.

For the 22/23 season, the German Sportswear brand produced 3 quality Ajax strips: the traditional and classy home iteration, a navy kit imbibed with red/golden accents for the away kit (see below), and a sand-colored fashion statement for the third strip created in collaboration with Daily Paper.

The 36-time Eredivisie winners recently had their away kit for next season leaked prematurely, with reports stating it to be a banana-yellow base with black accents and a checkered graphic.

While the kit was certainly a beauty, it was later proved to be a counterfeit design. 

Fortunately, the away kit has leaked yet once again, and on this occasion, the details appear to be thoroughly legitimate.

Ajax’s away kit designs in recent years have been quite spectacular, showcasing a variety of colors and templates alongside some very creative graphics at the center. The color combinations have also been rather innovative, with the contrast landing perfectly almost every single time.

For the 2023/24 season, the design appears to be similarly fresh and experimentative. And while information on it remains incomplete, fans have received a decent impression of the final product.

As per reports, Ajax’s away strip for next season will target a more understated vibe, as evidenced by the usage of lighter colors.

The base is said to be entirely white, with an azure blue shade and light pink employed for the logos and accents.

While the exact color of the logos remains unknown, the usage of pink and blue have been confirmed.

The club crest will either be enveloped in blue or pink, with highlights coming in the alternate color.

At the center of the kit will be an eye-catching graphic: a series of horizontally rotated figures laid out all across the base. The graphic’s presentation appears to be subtle, with the geometric pattern fading in and out.

Elsewhere, the accent color also covers the sleeve cuffs and the round-neck collar, the three stripes will be colored in the opposite color, be it blue or pink.

The look overall is sleek, modern, and quite refreshing, despite the unusual color combination, the contrast appears to be just right.

When paired with blue shorts, the entire package is nothing short of gorgeous. And if Adidas manages to stick the landing, fans should expect another incredible Ajax kit in the near future.