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Lionel Messi’s bedtime advice for Thiago, Mateo and Ciro at FIFA Best Awards was pure gold

Lionel Messi’s bedtime advice for Thiago, Mateo and Ciro at FIFA Best Awards was pure gold

Lionel Messi – the name has become synonymous with footballing excellence. The 35-year-old Argentine is widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time, and for good reason.

His exceptional dribbling skills, pinpoint accuracy, and unrelenting determination have earned him countless accolades and an army of fans around the world.

And now, he has added yet another trophy to his already impressive and growing collection – the 2022 Best FIFA Men’s Player award.

The ceremony, which was held in Paris, seeks to recognize the outstanding figures in world football. And there is no doubt that Messi is a worthy recipient of this prestigious honour.

This year saw the culmination of his long quest for a World Cup trophy, as he helped lead Argentina to glory in Qatar. With seven goals in as many matches, he was awarded the Golden Ball for best player and cemented his legacy as one of the undisputed all-time greats.

But his success wasn’t limited to the international stage. On the domestic front, Messi helped PSG to the Ligue 1 title and scored an impressive 17 goals and 24 assists in 37 appearances.

It was a year of outstanding achievements, with 35 goals and 30 assists in a total of 51 games. And it was this remarkable record that put him above the rest of the competition for the FIFA Best award.

As he accepted the award, Messi first talked about his closest competitors, Mbappe and Benzema.

It’s a pleasure to be here again, with Benzema with Kylian, as both of them had a great year.

He then paid tribute to his teammates and coach, acknowledging their vital role in his success.

Without them, I wouldn’t be here. It was an amazing year, and I achieved a dream I’ve been hoping for so long.

Finally, I achieved it. It’s a dream for any player. Very few players can achieve that, and I’ve been lucky enough to do it.

It was a touching moment and one that highlighted Messi’s humble nature and his appreciation for the team effort that goes into any victory. But he wasn’t finished yet.

In a departure from the usual formalities of award ceremonies, Messi ended his acceptance speech with a lighthearted joke that had the audience chuckling.

I want to send a kiss to my children, who are watching this, Thiago, Mateo and Ciro, I love you…… now go to bed!

It was quirky and elicited laughter from the crowd.

It was a moment of levity and warmth, and it perfectly encapsulated Messi’s down-to-earth personality.

Here was a man who had just won yet another award to add to his cabinet, but he was still the same family man, thinking of his children and their bedtime routines.

And that, perhaps, is part of what makes Messi so beloved by football fans around the world.

Yes, he is a phenomenal player, capable of feats of skill and athleticism that leave us all in awe. But he is also a humble, gracious, and relatable figure, someone who reminds us that even the greatest of us can still find joy in the simple pleasures of life.

As Messi posed for photos with his award, it was clear that this was a moment to savour.

It was a recognition of his incredible talent, his years of hard work and dedication, and his unwavering commitment to the sport he loves.

And it was a moment that will go down in history, as Messi continues to cement his status as one of the all-time greats of world football.