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TikToker teaches how to score big in love using 4-1-2-1-2 football formation

TikToker teaches how to score big in love using 4-1-2-1-2 football formation

Like any team-based sport, Football is built on communication and mutual understanding between teammates.

A strong unit beats a disjointed group any day of the week, the importance of camaraderie and compassion in the game cannot be understated.

Countries such as Japan have even integrated Football into their educational curriculums, as the game helps in building the communication abilities of students.

While the education industry has already taken notes from the sport, it might be time for human relationships to do the same, specifically, in the form of relationship advice.

There aren’t many similarities to be drawn between Football and relationships, aside from the core values that ensure their success.

A solid team relies on trust, communication and synergy to succeed, and the same can be said for a successful relationship.

No amount of eloquence from us will do this idea more justice than this brilliant TikTok, which boils everything down effectively while using a 4-1-2-1-2 tactical layout.

Created by user, the TikTok starts off with a quick snippet of a woman giving relationship advice before cutting it out completely, because, let’s be honest, it was probably a lot of pointless deliberation.

A gentleman sporting a Watford top then enters the scene with visible urgency, he even has his hood on just to let you know he means business.

A tactical illustration can be seen on the board, it depicts a standard back 4 faced up against a 4-1-2-1-2.

As per the man himself, the back four symbolizes you and your independent woman, while the opposite tactical constellation acts as a metaphor for life which is playing a dangerous game.

He proceeds to draw an apt comparison between a defensive pairing and a relationship, saying, ‘as a partnership we’re holding down the back line, we cannot be defeated’.

‘You think you can go about and do whatever you want, pressing up high, going left going right. You’re leaving an open gap, putting the relationship in jeopardy.’

Makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

He then speaks on the importance of communication, ‘if we’ve got to push up (let’s do it) together if we’ve got to drop 5 yards, let’s drop off together, I’m gonna trust you to apply the press and don’t worry we’ll cover. You press, I’ll come across and we’ll cover.’

‘But you can’t be doing this on your own, it’s a partnership, as long as the communication is there our back line is solid and there is nothing to be worried about.’

To conclude the TikTok, he states that he’s not a player, he’s the coach, essentially saying that he cannot communicate for you, but he can certainly provide you with the blueprint.

We imagine this clip will do good for a number of Football fans, while also proving that you can explain almost anything in ‘Football terms’.