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3 Irish Tiktokers who are a total menace whenever Liverpool lose

3 Irish Tiktokers who are a total menace whenever Liverpool lose

Liverpool are going through a real rollercoaster of a season – that has been filled with ups and downs.

They’ve been extremely unpredictable over the course of the campaign, to the point where you can’t really know what to expect from them in which game.

The last month, or so, can perhaps serve as a good enough example of how chaotic the 2022/23 campaign has been for Liverpool.

They started February with a crushing 3-0 loss to Wolves – before getting back to winning ways with back-to-back wins over Everton and Newcastle United.

The Reds were then humbled by Real Madrid, falling to a crushing 5-2 loss.

They followed that up with a goalless draw to Crystal Palace before getting back to winning ways at Anfield with a 2-0 win over Wolves on Wednesday.

Up next they face a Manchester United side that has only lost one game after the World Cup break.

Because of just how topsy-turvy their season has been so far, the Liverpool fans have undergone a series of emotions – ranging from joy, anger, depression and even sheer boredom.

Most of the supporters have just accepted that this might be a season of transition, with the team having been plagued with injury issues and a lack of depth.

Irish Tiktokers causing chaos on social media

However, a trio of Liverpool supporters over this period have gained a lot of popularity – but not exactly for the best of reasons.

There are a few Irish Reds who have been extremely polarizing with their opinions of the teams’ topsy-turvy results over the course of the season.

One such fan is Craig from the YouTube channel Anfield Agenda. His rants after Liverpool’s losses garner massive views on YouTube and TikTok – where he has over 42,000 followers!

With that being said, this Liverpool fan actually might be more tolerable as compared to two other Irish Liverpool supporters who are the talk of the town on TikTok.

One TikToker named Paddy Murphy travelled to Anfield to watch his side in action in the unfortunate loss to Real Madrid last month. Mr Murphy has over 321,000 followers on Tiktok, a huge one for a Liverpool Tiktoker.

After the game turned to 4-2 in Madrid’s favour, he claimed that the visitors were the luckiest side in the world to make the comeback and then started ranting in a hilarious Spanish dialect towards them.

Another over-the-top Liverpool fan with the loudest of opinions on social media is Jonathan Morley. Morley also has over a respectable 61,000 followers on TikTok.

He posts reactions to every single result as well and absolutely lambasted the club after their 0-0 draw against Crystal Palace last month, saying ‘week by week I can’t get over how f****** s*** we are’ and that ‘none of the players are fit to wear the badge’ after a goalless draw in the Premier League.

Fast-forward a few days later when Liverpool defeats Wolves and everything is alright with Morley, who started boasting about how good his side are and even laid down the hammer at Manchester United ahead of their visit to Anfield.

Liverpool fans find some sympathy

The majority of Liverpool fans have grown sick of these Tiktokers running the reputation of their fanbase to the ground. What is even wilder is that the Irish Tiktokers don’t get any money for these videos because they’re not part of the Irish Tiktoker Fund.

The Liverpool fans have found some sympathy from other clubs’ supporters for having to tolerate these loud, hyper-emotional fans mouthing off on social media. The best they can hope is for the club to end the season strongly and ensure these loudmouths don’t get any more fame on social media.