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Unpacking the viral photo of Kevin Hart in Man City jacket

Unpacking the viral photo of Kevin Hart in Man City jacket

Kevin Hart needs no introduction, but just for the sake of it, let us give you one. 

The 43-year-old is an actor, comedian and overall hoot of a celebrity, known for starring in various films, hosting award shows and headlining his very own comedy specials across the globe. 

You’ve likely come across his work at some point or another, he blends his innate sense of comedic timing with his relatively small stature, making for self-deprecating humour and amusing loud outbursts that tickle the funny bone almost every single time. 

Hart has shared the big screen with the likes of Dwayne Johnson, Mark Wahlberg, and Ice Cube, while also hosting events ranging from The MTV Music Awards to Comedy Central Roasts. 

With the intro aside, let’s approach the titular question, Is Kevin Hart a football fan?

Well, not really, but he does have some surprisingly rich experiences with the game. 

The entire question recently saw a resurgence after a series of pictures featuring Hart went viral online. 

All of them displayed the comedian in random situations, be it blank stares at the camera with no context provided or hilarious edits we can’t get enough of.

Due to their bizarre nature, the pictures are ripe with meme potential.

And among the treasure trove of images was this one which displayed Hart sporting a Manchester City jersey.

The comedian paired the kit with a pair of black jeans and leather boots and took to the pitch at the Etihad.

In case you’re wondering how Hart managed to find himself on a Football pitch, the answer lies in the promotional campaign for his 2016 comedy flick Ride Along. 

As part of the campaign, Hart and co-actor Ice Cube travelled all the way to the Blue half of Manchester City and partook in a bit of good old Footy. 

They also checked out the club’s training facilities, asked City players to stop ‘dragging ass’ and proposed the idea of stealing Football boots.

Hart then met his namesake Joe Hart and also proceeded to call Jesus Navas ‘babyfoot’ for some reason.

The ‘Hart’ duo then had a penalty showdown, Kevin launched his strike straight into Joe’s hands before finding out that he was way too short for a goalkeeping shift. 

The entire visit made for an enjoyable watch, one we duly recommend, the video can be found on City’s official YouTube channel.’

The comedian’s Football-related adventures didn’t end there, after finishing up at the Etihad, Hart headed straight to the Soccer AM car park and produced two awful strikes, but we’ll let those go for now. 

He last dabbled in the game back in 2020 for an episode of ‘What the Fit’ alongside popular Internet personality Emma Chamberlain, as the duo participated in a training session with MLS outfit LA Galaxy

Hart started the session by boasting about his quads, and shortly after, he was megged 3 times in a row by Joe Cardona.

Talk about Poetic Justice.

In the same video, the 43-year-old stated that his daughter plays soccer, so while Kevin himself doesn’t seem too fond of the game, there’s at least one Hart who gets it.

For a person who doesn’t claim to be a Football fan, Kevin Hart has certainly had some intriguing experiences with the game, the comedian might have a soft spot for ‘soccer’ after all.