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What is the real name of Tottenham YouTuber Expressions Oozing?

What is the real name of Tottenham YouTuber Expressions Oozing?

Often there’s the saying that it’s the fans that make a football club what it is. Indeed an undeniable statement, a club exists because of its fans. There are regular fans and there are content-creating fans with celebrity statuses like Thodgen, Troopz and Mark Goldbridge. 

One such fan that we are talking about in this article is Expressions Oozing. 

Born and bred in West London, Expressions is a 30-year-old Tottenham superfan born on March 2nd, 1993. 

With 225K subscribers on YouTube, 140K followers on Instagram and 98.5K followers on Twitter, Expressions is one of the most famous Tottenham fans out there. He’s appeared on podcasts, and reality shows and has a YouTube channel under the same name.

An incredibly funny content creator who is loved by all, Expressions has called himself multiple names, such as “half-man half-amazing”, “genetically jacked, athletically stacked” and “modern-day Mack”. 

However, one thing which has been kept a secret so far is his real name. 

Despite being a big public figure and an international entertainer, Expressions hasn’t let the world know about what he is legally called, and this has been the talk of the town ever since Expressions came under the public eye. 

Ex with Poch

Nicknamed “Ex”, his fans and viewers have continued to take guesses on the Londoner’s real name, with some names like “Ethan” or “Luke” being the most famous guesses.

Remember to take these guesses with a grain of salt, as nothing has been confirmed either from the man Expressions himself or somebody who knows him personally.

A regular match-going friend of Expressions, a Twitter user and a famous Tottenham supporter @xDuoMax was once asked about Expressions’ real name, and straight away denied revealing the secret.

The amusing thing is, Expressions has been a part of some of the bigger TV shows or podcasts, and yet, has not appeared under his real name, unlike Troopz or Thogden.

Be it the podcasts of Barstool Sports, or the time he appeared on Sky Sports News football-dedicated show, the man has been constant with his name.

This an obvious question he’s faced multiple times, but the Spurs superfan himself has never come up with a straight answer either, whenever asked about his actual name.

Funnily enough, he often calls himself “Chocolate Superman” when asked. Could that actually be his real name? We highly doubt it.

Often times we see certain public figures who shy away from revealing their personal details, Expressions being one of them. Very little is known about him or his family. A good friend of Troopz, he’s successfully dodged questions about his personal life so far. 

Keeping the mystery around his name aside, Ex is a much-loved creator, with even the fans of his rival club showing him appreciation online. Famous boxer and YouTuber KSI (an Arsenal fan) once even said “I love him. It’s a shame his a Tottenham fan.” 

It’ll be interesting to see how long it is until he finally gives out his name. No wonder, the mystery surrounding his name has given him extra attention, something we assume he as a content creator must’ve desired. Though it sounds odd, we’re hopeful that we’d be able to call him by the name “Expressions Oozing” for now.