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Inside The Junior Football Hooligan Culture On UK TikTok

Inside The Junior Football Hooligan Culture On UK TikTok

When you hear the term ‘Football Hooligans’, the image of beer-bellied 40-year-olds springs to mind, but by the looks of it, a new generation of Footy Hooligans are upon us and they’ve taken to TikTok to document their escapades. 

But before we dive into this young flock of troublemakers, a bit of background about your standard group of Hooligans. 

While supporters of this mold are present all throughout European Football, the use of the label ‘Football Hooligans’ is confined to English borders.

The term essentially refers to a group of die-hard fans who make sure to mark their presence on away days and cause an absolute ruckus at opposition venues.

Tossing flares on the pitch and ticking off the home support is standard hooligan behavior, alongside a seemingly untempered urge for having a scrap with the locals. 

In fact, most of their antics center around riling up opposition fans, which naturally led to the moniker of ‘Hooligans’.

Identifying such a group is simple enough, just keep an eye out for some rowdy middle-aged men all clustered together, pint in one hand, banner in another.

Football Hooliganism is essentially a part of England’s Football culture at this point, and in recent years, even the young ones have begun partaking in it.

Who are junior Football Hooligans?

As the name suggests, they’re Football Hooligans, just way younger than the standard ones. 

Usually, in their teenage, these lads mistake their excess levels of testosterone for passion, as they turn into ardent fan groups of whatever mid-table side their family supports. 

The young ruffians turn up home and away, pose for a few pictures while looking as intimidating as possible, and basically offer up their best impression of actual Football Hooligans. 

Needless to say, they’re far too young to partake in any real hooligan activity, and we sincerely doubt that they do.

The absurdities of Junior Football Hooligan UK TikTok

In a similar fashion to Football Twitter, a subsection of the broader Twitter platform, Junior Football Hooligan TikTok has emerged as a subsection of the video-sharing platform. 

This newly conceived community is known for pumping out some strange content, usually in the form of teenagers masquerading as hooligans and acting tough. 

Take, for instance, this channel called ‘upthealbionbhafc’.

The channel documents the adventures of a group of young Brighton fans, who’ve named themselves the ‘Service crew’.

Among their uploads is this TikTok, which profiles the ‘lads’ and lists their various pros and cons.

The absurd factor is present in their very behavior, the lads are clearly acting way older than they are, which involves them looking as hard as possible.

The descriptions further our point, just have a look at Elliot – a lad built like a 14-year-old who ‘loves a few pints’, ‘ can bang’ if required, and has a knack for bringing his ‘Mrs to the Footie’. 

Our pick from the lot is definitely Rodge, he’s funny, always up for a scrap, doesn’t get along with Johnny Law and he even got the badge in.

What’s not to like? 

Rodge aside, the whole concept of Junior Football Hooligans is laughable, to be honest.

It doesn’t make sense, certainly doesn’t look right, and needless to say Football Hooliganism doesn’t belong on TikTok.