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Fans Roast Lisandro Martinez Over New Hedgehog Spines Hairstyle

Fans Roast Lisandro Martinez Over New Hedgehog Spines Hairstyle

Football players are known to be colorful figures, who express themselves on and off the pitch in a variety of ways.

Their haircuts are a primary example, as players often opt for flamboyant trims with fades and flair that perfectly present their personalities, and even start a trend or two in the process.

Unfortunately, not all Footy trims are executed equally, as some players end up sporting disastrous haircuts that quickly become a subject of ridicule online.

The latest inclusion on this undesired list looks to be Manchester United center-back Lisandro Martinez.

The Argentina International has enjoyed a solid season thus far for both club and country.

His campaign started with a sensational move to Old Trafford, where he established himself as a fan favorite in just a couple of months.

The 25-year-old has been crucial to Erik Ten Hag’s United side, who are currently strong contenders for the Champions League Qualification spots.

Martinez’s defensive acumen paired with his ruthless demeanor have also earned him a pretty neat nickname – ‘The Butcher’.

Given the account of his hassling of opposition forwards, United fans even created a banner around the nickname, one which was unfortunately turned away from being displayed at Old Trafford.

‘Licha’ also earned the ultimate honor of being a World Champion this year, as he was part of the Argentina side that won the World Cup in Qatar.

All in all, it’s been an excellent season for the center-back, although it could potentially be marred by his new, and frankly awful, haircut

Fans unimpressed by Lisandro Martinez’s haircut

Currently, on International duty, Martinez appears to have freshened up his trim, and not for the better if we might add.

Prior to his new haircut, the defender sported 2 distinct styles, with the most recent one being a shaped fade with frosted tips directed downwards.

His latest trim is essentially the same haircut with some minor alterations, or potentially mistakes, that end up making all the difference. 

As seen in this video shared by La Albicelestes’ go-to barber Dany Ale, the 25-year-old’s new haircut is far from his best. 

Fans online were of the same opinion, and they pointed toward the rear of his head as part of the reason. 

Not only does the blonde fluff at the back resemble a hedgehog’s spine, but the fade below it is, well, barely a fade. 

Instead of being grazed hair, the fade looks to be all skin. In fact, we reckon Martinez is a bright light from appearing partially bald. 

Naturally, the trim was roasted ruthlessly by fans on Twitter, and a number of United supporters even called upon the defender to immediately switch barbers.

They say never cheat on your barber, but it’s an idea clearly worth exploring for Lisandro Martinez.