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Look: Lisandro Martinez and His Girlfriend Are Basically Twins

Look: Lisandro Martinez and His Girlfriend Are Basically Twins

Lisandro Martinez witnessed his debut season at Manchester United come to a bitter end in the 2-2 draw against Sevilla in the UEFA Europa League quarter-finals first leg. The Argentine suffered a freak injury to his ankle, which rules him out of the rest of the campaign.

Martinez had to undergo surgery on his injury and will now be working towards rehabilitation in a race to be fully fit before the start of pre-season – which is tipped to start in July.

The Argentine defender was one of United’s best players in an amazing first campaign at Old Trafford, helping them keep over 20 clean sheets and bullying major players like Erling Haaland, Gabriel Jesus, and Robert Lewandowski in big matches.

After working hard throughout the season, Martinez will now just sit at home and hope that his United teammates are able to win more trophies for him. He seems to have traveled back to his home nation of Argentina for the first part of his rehabilitation, and can finally spend some time with his family and girlfriend.

Who is Martinez’s girlfriend Muri Lopez?

Martinez has been with his girlfriend Muri Lopez for a long time, with the two being childhood lovebirds who started dating at the age of 14. They’ve been together since 2012 and Lisandro has traveled with her all around the world since his professional career started to surge.

Lopez is known for doing modeling gigs and being quite active on social media, where she often posts pictures with Lisandro and their dates together. The two now appear to be flying to Argentina together to spend some time with their close ones, because Martinez can’t anyhow play any more part for United this season.

The United center-back does not have any kids with his partner yet, but the two share a very strong bond and like to spend as much time with each other as possible. While Lopez is known for being a glamorous model, some fans have noticed something interesting about the general appearance of Martinez and his girlfriend.

Fans think Lopez looks exactly like Martinez

In the latest picture of Martinez posing with his partner inside of a plane, with the two ready to fly off to their home, some fans have noticed something eerily similar about the general appearance of the couple.

A few supporters have accused Lopez of looking exactly like Lisandro, and the two of almost being twins of different genders. This could be because of both of them having similar bright smiles on their faces in the picture or the similar shape of their eyebrows as well.

There are a few eerie similarities, but that doesn’t mean that they exactly like each other or seem like twins. Some other fans have also completely misread the ethnicity of Lopez, praising Martinez for having an ‘Asian’ girlfriend – when she is clearly of South American descent.

Lisandro has also been mocked for being shorter than his girlfriend, as part of a repetitive ribbing of him for being among the shortest Premier League center-backs. To Martinez’s credit, he’s proven that he’s unfazed by any criticism – as he’ll spend the next few months fully recovering from his surgery and make sure to return to action for United in the best shape of his life.