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From Courtroom Outfits To Charming The Oppo Lawyer: Gwyneth Paltrow Was A Vibe During Ski Trial

From Courtroom Outfits To Charming The Oppo Lawyer: Gwyneth Paltrow Was A Vibe During Ski Trial

Court battles involving celebrities always manage to grip the attention of people worldwide, especially when movie stars are involved. 

And as such, it came as no surprise to see millions of fans online submerge themselves into the constant current of news surrounding the Paltrow-Sanderson trial.

For the uninitiated, the trial itself saw Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow turn defendant before switching to challenger, all due to an unfortunate skiing incident from 2016.

It all kicked off after a retired optometrist by the name of Terry Sanderson sued the Oscar-winning actor.

He claimed that she rammed into his back on a ski slope, causing him plenty of hardship, and even a traumatic brain injury.

Sanderson asked for $3.1 million in reparations, an outrageous figure that was initially dismissed before being brought down to $300,000.

Paltrow stated a few demands of her own, as she counter-sued Sanderson and alleged that it was the 76-year-old who collided with her back. She also went on to ask for a ‘symbolic’ $1 plus legal fees in compensation.

With the lines drawn, a two-week trial commenced, one that was filled to the brim with meme-worthy moments and some truly bizarre court activity. 

Naturally, it all turned into a sensation online, and here are the ways Twitter reacted to the Paltrow-Sanderson trial.

Impeccable court fashion

The two-week-long spectacle gave fans numerous highlights to go over, and among the notable takeaways was Gwyneth Paltrow’s immaculate court outfits.

The 50-year-old turned up to trial looking like a proper movie star, she sported high-fashion turtlenecks and coats that oozed class while being subtly flamboyant.

Paired alongside her confident stroll, the drip did half the job for her lawyers, as instead of the jury it was Paltrow serving inside the court.

Connection with the opposite lawyer

Aside from the almost whimsical nature of the allegations fronted by both parties, the arguments made by each of them were also pretty ridiculous. 

For instance, take this exchange between Sanderson’s lawyer and Paltrow, wherein she repeatedly made inquiries surrounding the actress’s relationship with pop star Taylor Swift.

Supposedly serving some larger point, the questions ranged from ‘are you good friends with Taylor Swift?’ to ‘Have you sent her intimate personal gifts for Christmas?’

The interaction seemed uncannily similar to a nonchalant chat on a talk show, and of course, it yielded absolutely nothing to aid Sanderson’s case.

In fact, at certain points, it seemed as if the lawyer was simply fulfilling a lifelong fantasy of chatting with a celeb, just have a look at these exchanges.

The mic drop moment

The words echoed all across the world.

Well, kind of.

After just 3 hours of deliberation, the jury voted in favor of Paltrow, granting her vindication and the ‘symbolic’ reward she asked for. And how does she react? 

The actress sprung up from her seat and made a beeline towards her accuser, she then halted and proceeded to utter 4 perfectly courteous sounding words: ‘I wish you well’.

While they may appear to be emphatic, make no mistake, Paltorw’s departing comments were nothing less than an icy cherry on top of a frosty cake.

The comment likely served as a final jab, as the Hollywood star display humility in victory, while also rubbing it straight in Sanderson’s face.