Twitter Reacts to X-Rated Poem Ryan Giggs Wrote For His Ex Girlfriend

Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons again. The ex-Wales manager is currently involved in a court trial after being accused of domestic assault by his ex-girlfriend Kate Greville and her younger sister, Emma.

In the ongoing trial, a lot of Giggs’ personal stuff has been exposed to the public. That involves private texts and letters he shared with Greville during the course of their relationship. One particular ‘poem’ was revealed to the court recently – which Giggs had written to Kate during the early part of their relationship.

The poem is filled with sexual innuendo and some very perverted lines as well. Basically, the kind of stuff that will make Keats and Shakespeare roll in their graves. The poem was a hilariously bad attempt from Giggs to impress Kate and is filled with some cringe-worthy metaphors.

The Sun have put the Ryan Giggs poem onto a scroll

The horrible poem has both disgusted and amused football fans at the same time, gaining some top-quality reactions on Twitter –

Bit of a rhyme god

A nice normal guy

The misspelling of coup you can’t ignore

Dry as dust

Roy Keane – the calm one?

If that poem didn’t impress you, maybe his PL record will

L is for legs