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Mason Greenwood: What Happened After His Arrest And Where Is He Now?

Mason Greenwood: What Happened After His Arrest And Where Is He Now?

It’s been over a year since Manchester United forward Mason Greenwood saw his football career go upside down. On January 30, 2022 – the winger was accused of domestic assault and rape by his ex-girlfriend Harriet Robson.

The evidence was too damning – with Robson posting pictures of damage marks on her body and even a video that allegedly indicated that Greenwood had forced himself on her. Soon after that, the Greater Manchester Police arrested him.

United decided to indefinitely suspend him because they did not want bad PR attached to their image. Greenwood has not played a single game or even trained with the club since the incident took place.

He also lost all his sponsors, with Nike ending his sponsorship deal with him and EA Sports also deleting him from the FIFA 22 game.  

While the Englishman was heavily panned by fans for his disgusting actions, which were caught on camera, some fans have been more sympathetic towards him.

That is why there are a lot of people who have been asking about where Greenwood is and what exactly he is doing right now.

What happened to Greenwood after his arrest?

The Englishman was released on bail after being arrested in January 2022, with the Greater Manchester Police starting an investigation to determine whether Greenwood was guilty of all the accusations or not.

Harriet Robson

Greenwood has been staying at his Cheshire mansion since then, keeping a low profile and not making many public appearances at all. He even hired a £14,000-a-month security system that protects him from public harm and was even pictured on a few visits to supermarkets.

The deal was dragged out for months, with the police taking their time closely examining all the evidence for such a high-profile case.

Considering that it was such a sensitive subject and the accusations were damning, the police wanted to thoroughly examine everything they could get before determining what to do next.

In October 2022, The Greater Manchester Police charged Greenwood with attempted race, engaging in controlling and coercive behaviour.

Janet Potter, the deputy chief crown prosecutor for the CPS North West said: “The Crown Prosecution Service has today authorised Greater Manchester police to charge Mason Greenwood, 21, with attempted rape, engaging in controlling and coercive behaviour, and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

“All three counts relate to the same complainant. Specialist rape prosecutors from CPS North West’s complex casework unit authorised the charges following a review of a file of evidence received from Greater Manchester police.”

After his charge, Manchester United confirmed that Greenwood remains suspended and did not want to terminate his contract on the spot.

They said: “Manchester United notes that criminal charges have been brought against Mason Greenwood by the Crown Prosecution Service. He remains suspended by the club, pending the outcome of the judicial process.”

Greenwood’s court appearances after arrest

After being charged with the three counts, Greenwood has been forced to have multiple court appearances. He is still on bail because of the charge and his previous court appearance happened in November, with the forward being brought in a black van for the occasion.’

He appeared in the Manchester Crown Court, accompanied by his parents and sister. The court hearing lasted for less than 10 minutes, with Greenwood entering no plea and only confirming his name and death of birth in the appearance.

Greenwood’s next court date is set for February 10, which was actually preponed from the proposed date of November 27, 2023. The Judge, Maurice Greene, told the forward’s defence: “Mr Greenwood, the next hearing that you will need to attend is February 10. 

“You are granted bail as before, you must attend otherwise you will commit a separate offence. The proposed trial date has been set for November 27, which is a long way off, so it’s very important you keep in contact with your solicitors. I’m sure you will. The next date is February 10.”

What lies in the future for Greenwood?

The only good thing for Greenwood is that United have not yet terminated his contract, which expires in June 2025. As a matter of fact, he is actually still earning his £75,000-a-week salary because the Red Devils are obligated to do so.

His next hearing is set for February 10, but it is unlikely that the Judge will be able to come up with an indictment so soon.

That would mean he could have even more court hearings after that. If Greenwood’s defence is strong enough, they’ll delay the hearings to the point where they get a verdict that favours his client.

One thing that is almost guaranteed is that Greenwood is not going to be playing under Erik ten Hag anytime soon.

United have completely distanced itself from the forward and are ready to move ahead without him – unless something crazily drastic happens that encourages him to bring him back into the fold.