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Can We Talk About How Thierry Henry Reacted to News of Kate Abdo’s Engagement

Can We Talk About How Thierry Henry Reacted to News of Kate Abdo’s Engagement

Football fans adore CBS’s UEFA Champions League coverage which casts Kate Abdo, Thierry Henry, Jamie Carragher and Micah Richards. One of the main reasons for the praise is their light-hearted and informal-type coverage of the tournament. We get to see top class punditry with a lot of banter.

All the fans know about the friendly relationship between Abdo and Henry. Many have even speculated that the two might be something more than friends. Though there is no proof of the latter claim, fans like to joke about it online. In a recent episode, Henry gave a hilarious reaction after hearing that the English presenter is getting engaged.

It was a clip from the regular UCL coverage. Abdo starts by saying, “Guess what everybody? We have a big announcement coming up. So make sure you stay with us for that.” After hearing that, Carragher and Richards start making hysterical noises. Abdo continues, “You lot don’t know what it is, do you?”

Micah amusingly asks, “No, what is it?” Kate replies, “Well it’s a big announcement, that’s all I can tell you. It’s gonna come up, it’s gonna be up.” Jamie jokingly asks, “Oh, you’re getting engaged?” Kate jestingly tells him, “Yes, I’m getting engaged. He doesn’t know yet, but yes.”

Henry has an amusing expression on his face after hearing that. Many fans suggest that Henry was heartbroken after hearing about the English presenter’s engagement. Micah and Jamie didn’t notice Henry’s reaction and seemed excited by the news. After the incident, Abdo asks Henry about Arsenal and we can see his emotions in the reply.

It is unclear whether Kate was serious or just joking. But fans have turned this into a raillery online.

Who are Kate and Henry dating?

Jokes aside, Kate and Henry have never been in a relationship like that. Both have had a different list of people they have dated throughout the years. The duo has also been married to different people in the past.

Starting with Kate, she married Ramtin Abdo in mid-2010. Ramtin is a German businessman who runs real estates and logistics companies. He has founded and co-founded ventures like INA and SMAP. The couple reportedly started dating in 2000 and tied the knot after a decade of affair.

Many reports suggest that after 5 years of marriage, the couple started having problems in their relationship. Additionally, there are claims that the couple is no longer together, and they have divorced. The duo has not released any official statements, so we cannot confirm the legitimacy of the claims.

If the couple broke up, there are rumors that the English presenter is dating the American DAZN boxing podcast host Barak Bess. In the UCL coverage episode, Kate might have hinted at them getting engaged. The pair have kept their relationship very private, so these are just claims at the time of writing this article.

Thierry Henry on the other hand, has been in two official relationships, one confirmed and one unconfirmed encounter. The former French footballer was married to British model Nicole Merry for four years. Later, the model filed for divorce after finding texts from Sadie Hewlett on Henry’s phone that suggested that they went on multiple dates.

The encounter with make-up artist Sadie Hewlett ended the Frenchman’s marriage with the former model. Claims suggest that this was not the first time he cheated during his marriage. In 2006, when the couple was still married, he had an encounter with Chloe Walton. Once again, there is no confirmation about the legitimacy of his encounter with Chloe Walton.

In 2023, Thierry Henry is dating Bosnian model Andrea Rajacic. They have been together since 2008 and the duo met in Barcelona.