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Kate Abdo Impresses Fans By Translating 3 Languages Back To Back On Live TV

Kate Abdo Impresses Fans By Translating 3 Languages Back To Back On Live TV

Football players often entrance the audience with mesmerising skills, unthinkable goals and magical moments.

Winning matches, titles and trophies are all part & parcel of the game but what captivates everyone is the 90 minutes of pure sorcery on the pitch.

Something that goes unseen is the efforts of the non-playing personalities to make a match the complete package.

Commentators try to keep up with the pace of the live streams, often catching the listeners by surprise with wonderful wordplay (think Peter Drury).

The camera crews pan all over the stadium to capture the most beautiful glimpses of raw emotions, elation & despair and sometimes, get a kiss.

Similarly, a talk-show host for all the pre & post-match shenanigans has to have a certain skill set in order to conduct the orchestra on TV.

Kate Abdo has given her audience an evening to remember with a stunning piece of expertise after the scheduled Champions League fixtures.

The Manchester-born broadcaster presented a famous American soccer show called “CBS Sports Golazo” on the ongoing European tournament.

She hosted her regular trio of Thiery Henry, Jamie Carragher and Micah Richards, three of football’s most prominent pundits and ex-players.

Keeping such an esteemed crowd in her company, she still managed to steal the thunder with her excellent fluency in three different languages during Tuesday’s coverage.

After PSG’s 2-1 away win against Juventus, she translated a live interview in French of the Man Of The Match winner Kylian Mbappe in real-time.

Quickly following that, she did the same with an earlier conversation with Real Madrid’s Federico Valverde who was speaking in Spanish.

And if that was not enough, she then proceeded to interpret RB Leipzig boss Marco Rose’s post-match comments from German.

All of this while still seamlessly managing the show. Take a bow Kate!

A fist-bump from the former Arsenal legend and a whole-hearted compliment from the Manchester City defender were immediately showered upon her.

Micah Richards was astounded and said, “Wow, Kate! Three interviews, three languages! The first one was French, the second one was Spanish, third was German. Das ist gut, Ja!”

The Liverpudlian on deck didn’t seem that impressed and in good fun, asked if she could do his local “scouse” as well to make it four. Jamie Carragher went ahead and unleashed his inner “Scouser”, something only the natives could actually understand.

Plaudits all over Twitter poured in as she won over her viewers with her multi-lingual asset.

Kate Abdo turned a lot of heads and has now garnered an even larger base of fans for her upcoming shows.