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Jonah Hill Goes Full Plato With Epic Beard For New Scorsese Flick

Jonah Hill Goes Full Plato With Epic Beard For New Scorsese Flick

Jonah Hill has often acted out his best roles with a clean-shaven look, but it appears that he’s now determined to grow a full beard. His obsession with facial hair has gotten to the point that he has a larger beard than necessary.

Hill is well known as one of the best comedians in Hollywood. He’s also an accomplished director and acted in some critically acclaimed films like the Wolf of Wall Street and Don’t Look Up. Hill loves to experiment with his characters and roles in movies, always trying to distinguish himself and not allowing the audience to make him a stereotype.

Normally, Hill seems to like the clean-shaven, baby-faced look for himself. He’s had a few different beards in the past but looks to have fully committed to now looking like a homeless man in his latest appearance.

Jonah Hill switches up his appearance with a shocking beard

In the latest picture taken by the Paparazzi, Hill was spotted walking around in Los Angeles wearing a white shirt and cuffed jeans. Moreover, what caught everyone’s eye was the actor’s stunning beard.

He appears to have fully grown out his beard and gotten it colored blonde, similar to the color of his hair as well. Hill has turned a lot of eyes with his look, which is a far cry from the kind of appearances that he’s donned in his career. 

He is normally known for having little to no beard at all, and suddenly popping up with such a vibrant facial hairstyle can surprise many.

Jonah Hill’s beard gets likened famous philosopher

Hill is being widely mocked for his bizarre facial style, but one particular comparison is both hilarious and weirdly accurate as well. The American actor’s current look is being compared to how the Greek philosopher Plato looked.

Plato was an ancient philosopher born in Athens, Greece during the Classical Period. He started his philosophical school which would go on to be termed ‘Platoism’. Plato is known as the innovator of the written dialogue and dialectic forms of philosophy.

There are no photographs of the Greek Philosopher because there were no cameras back then, but there are plenty of paintings and statues of him. A prominent statue of Plato depicts him as having a long beard too, which is attributed to be a part of his incredible knowledge as well.

Some believe that Hill has been inspired by Plato with his latest facial hairstyle and is resembling the philosopher himself as well. Like Plato, Hill’s beard is also quite curly and bushy – with there being an uncanny resemblance between the two.

It appears that Hill has done this facial transformation for a movie role and to portray a real-life character. He is currently filming for an upcoming movie named ‘Grateful Dead’, which is Martin Scorsese’s biopic for the band of the same name.

Hill will be portraying the character of Jerry Garcia, the lead singer for the American band. Hill seems to have finally moved on from the trope of portraying comedic characters and building on his stereotype.

He is focused on more grounded, serious roles and is even ready to look like Plato himself if that helps him soar in his acting career.