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Alisson Divides Twitter With New Beardless Look: ‘Barber Needs to Have His License Revoked

Alisson Divides Twitter With New Beardless Look: ‘Barber Needs to Have His License Revoked

Alisson Becker has been one of the most consistent players in the Liverpool squad since joining them in 2018 from AS Roma. He has won every possible piece of silverware with the club and has been an unsung hero over their dominance under Jurgen Klopp.

The Brazilian goalkeeper has also become noteworthy for his bearded appearance and the prominent amount of facial hair that he opts to take. Normally, Premier League footballers or goalkeepers in general refrain from keeping much facial hair – keeping a clean and tidy look to themselves.

Apart from Alisson, the former Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea had kept a bearded look for some time. The Liverpool goalkeeper has almost become relatable for some fans with his massive beard and his insistence on keeping that kind of appearance for many years.

However, it appears that the Brazilian has now had a change of heart with his appearance. After an impressive start to the season, Alisson is receiving a lot of love from the fans for saving his side’s defensive blushes. Amid this, some fans asked the Liverpool Twitter admin for latest pictures of the goalkeeper in training.

What they got ended up stunning many fans. It appears that Alisson has finally shaved off his beard.

Fans are absolutely gutted and shocked that Alisson has shaved off his entire beard and is now rocking a cleaner look. A lot of supporters believe that the Brazilian goalkeeper has inadvertently decreased his attractiveness with his decision to shave his beard.

The 30-year-old goalkeeper actually looks like a different person with his decision to change up his appearance and the fans definitely don’t seem to like it at all. Some are even blaming his barber for being the reason behind this new disappointing look and for messing up his attractiveness in the process.

It is likely that Alisson got a shave from a barber because it’s extremely difficult for someone to shave that much facial hair in one go without having some experience, at least. The Brazilian goalkeeper is being blamed for being personally responsible for his own ‘aura loss’ because of how important a man’s beard can be to maintaining their attractiveness level.

The memes have been unleashed since Alisson’s new look was debuted, with fans mostly disappointed with how weird he even looks right now.

However, this isn’t the first time that the Brazilian goalkeeper has shaved his beard during his time at Liverpool.

He did, after all, shave off his beard and go with a clean-shaven look last season. Alisson decided to look like a 70s pornstar by just keeping a weird moustache rather than his whole beard, with that appearance earning him a lot of mockeries as well.

While most of the fans seem to absolutely hate this new appearance, there are some who actually seem to love Alisson’s looks and how he often keeps changing his appearance time and again. The 30-year-old appears to be in a bit of an experimental phase, where he keeps trying new things – even though it is disappointing a lot of fans.

More than anything else, Alisson’s utmost concentration will be towards helping Liverpool maintain their impressive start to the 2023/24 season. After being trophyless last season, he’ll hope to help the Reds win some major trophies in this campaign and add more silverware to his CV.