Premier League stars unveil new look as Aubameyang dons cornrows and Alisson grows Dallas moustache

As the last international break of the season is upon us, footballers have been seen trying their best to break the mundanity of the period.

The best attempt at trying to break the monotonous nature of the international break was awarded to Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker who was spotted donning a glorious Dallas moustache – while Arsenal captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was adjudged to be on the other side of the spectrum with an awful new hairstyle.

The picture of Aubameyang donning his new hairstyle went viral on social media platforms after it was posted by a friend of his. The Gabonese international has been spotted to have cornrows on his head – a massive contrast to the familiar hairstyle Aubameyang is usually seen to be donning in matches.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the hairstyle has not been a smash hit since its debut, as fans do not seem to like it – the forward has been deemed to have missed the mark, something that he is not usually known for with his goal-scoring record.

Much unlike Aubameyang’s new fashion statement, Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker made the news for the right reasons with a glorious attempt at a Dallas moustache.

Becker, who is usually associated with having full facial hair, has been spotted to have shaved off his beard – highlighting his tache even more.

The Brazilian international has been applauded by fans on social media, as the moustache seems to be a hit amongst his supporters from the get-go –  and seemingly one he can consider keeping in the long term.