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Succession Twitter Reacts To The Tom Wambsgans Burberry Bag Rant

Succession Twitter Reacts To The Tom Wambsgans Burberry Bag Rant

Last Thursday, the curtains lifted on the fourth and final season of HB0’s smash-hit Succession.

Scattered throughout the show’s devilishly funny and thoroughly entertaining 3 seasons are a series of notable quotes, each more snobby and hilarious than the other.

Naturally, fans have been expecting the final season to deliver some similarly ingenious dialogues. And based on the season opener alone, we have a strong feeling that these expectations will be met.

For the uninitiated, the Emmy-nominated series follows the wealthy Roy family, and the various Machivalian schemes drawn up by its members.

The head of the table: Logan Roy is an old man desperately clinging on to his empire and playing his children like a fiddle in the process. 

On the other hand, his 4 children are largely seen competing to be the heir to his media empire.
They surmount coups only to fall miserably against the man who always ‘f**king wins’.

Being a show about the lives of filthy rich billionaires, the show does a great job of presenting the behavior of filthy rich billionaires. 

Almost all of the show’s characters have a questionable moral compass, very much residing on the greyer side of things. 

To go along with their dubious virtues are some incredible displays of snobbery and arrogance, best reflected in the show’s clever dialogues.

Fans have been obsessed with Succesion’s writing ever since the show aired. And in particular, the outrageous dialogues spurted out by two of TV’s greatest side characters: Tom Wambsgans and Greg Hirsch.

The self-labeled ‘disgusting twins’ are an absolute delight to watch, and they certainly have some of the most memorable lines in the show’s history. 

Be it Greg’s confused court ramblings or Tom’s eggcellent ‘Tomlette’ pun, the duo consistently drops quotable lines. 

Season four’s opener included some more hits from the duo, including this comprehensive rant from Tom centered around a ‘capacious bag’.

Twitter is obsessed with Tom’s ‘Ludicrously capacious’ rant

To grill Greg over his date for Logan’s birthday party, Tom breaks into one of his classic pompous rants and targets Kerry’s (the date) seemingly oversized handbag.

His verbal tirade is all patronizing as it gets, Tom deduces her status through a look at her handbag. And the aspect of it that he takes issue with is its sheer size.

Tom calls it ‘Ludicrously capacious’, worthy of lunch pails and flat shoes, and devoid of any subtlety at all. 

The rant was yet another instance of Tom being overly-boujee and snobby, and much like the others, fans on Twitter loved it.

They went along with the ‘ludicrously capacious’ tag, and offered up alternate versions with similarly pompous characters swapped in.

Other reactions included fans using the dialogue for themselves as some sort of newfound Internet lingo.

The dialogue was enough reassurance for us, and at the risk of being naive, we’re ready to claim that Succession’s final season will live up to the billing.