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Leaked 23/24 Leeds United Third Kit Catches Flak: ‘Turns Out This is Legit’

Leaked 23/24 Leeds United Third Kit Catches Flak: ‘Turns Out This is Legit’

Leeds United are trying to hang on for dear life and avoid relegation from Premier League at the end of the season, but it appears that Adidas have already even created their third kit for next season. As is the case for prominent clubs these days, manufacturers like Adidas often finalize all the kits many months before the start of a new season.

It appears that Adidas has created the third kit for Leeds next season, which is a really unorthodox one as well. Even though they’re prominently known for their iconic White colored jerseys, Adidas has gone with an out-of-the-box mindset when it comes to creating their third kit.

Leeds United’s 23/24 third kit design leaked

At this point in time, it’s still not assured that Leeds will even be a Premier League club next season. The Whites have been dragged into a relegation race and are currently just two points above the relegation zone.

Unless Javi Gracia’s side can consolidate on their recent win over relegation rivals Nottingham Forest and keep grinding out wins until the end of the season, then Leeds could see themselves relegated only two seasons after making it back to the Premier League.

Amid the uncertainty over their future, Adidas has already created a wacky third-kit design for the 2023/24 campaign. The kit features a never-seen-before design and color combination that has no significance to the club at all.

The third kit appears to have yellow and pink color shares in a really unique design. The Adidas logo is colored in black, while their iconic club crest retains its yellow and blue color in this kit.

This jersey is a far cry from their current away kit, which is colored yellow and blue. Adidas have continuously kept experimenting with Leeds’ away attires over the period in the Premier League and it seems they’re going with something truly wacky for next season.

Leeds fans unimpressed with new kit design leak

It appears that there might be a reason why the third kit has been given such a distinct color pattern for next season. The city of Leeds has been named the  2023 City of Culture and has been given the yellow and pink colors to mark ‘cultural diversity’.

As a result, the color pattern and shapes in the third choice kit actually appear to be a homage to that and the diversity in the city as well. While the design might be for a good reason, a lot of Leeds United supporters are not at all happy with these leaks.

The kit’s design has hilariously been compared to the wrapper design of the popular ‘Fruit Salad’ sweets that are a hit in the UK. The sweet has a wrapper that has a wacky yellow and pink design too, similar to the third kit.

The ‘traditionalist’ supporters are truly disgusted by this weird color pattern that has no significance to the club or its heritage. Some are indicating how the ‘City of Culture’ award isn’t even relevant for the city of Leeds anymore because it was an award given out when England was a part of the EU.

This yellow and pink design is also a far cry from the slick third kit Adidas released for Leeds in the 2021/22 season, which had a clean purple color.

While not confirmed yet, it appears that Leeds fans will have to endure watching their players don this kit for the away games next season. Whether those away games will take place at Old Trafford and Anfield or Stoke and Preston, however, remains to be seen.