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Leaked Pics Confirm Futuristic Bayern Munich Away Kit for 23/24 Season

Leaked Pics Confirm Futuristic Bayern Munich Away Kit for 23/24 Season

Green and purple on the Bavarian strip? Who saw that coming?

The city of Munich has been caught by surprise after the latest update about the kits Bayern would be sporting come the 23/24 season.

Green and purple diamonds were surely not the first thing the Munich fanbase would’ve expected to be the primary attraction of Bayern’s secondary kits for the next season, but as it turns out, the diamonds are indeed what has caught the highest attention of fans.

Going by the leaks, the design is largely dominated by two shades, purple and black.

The Adidas-made away jersey features a base of black that covers the entire jersey, complemented with green and purple. Three stripes in purple surface the shoulders, while a thick navy panel of the same color outlines the entire shirt.

The highlight of the brand-new away kit, however, are the green and purple diamonds scattered throughout the front of the jersey.

The diamonds are a reference to the traditional diamonds present on the club’s crest, offering a modern look and a fresh touch to the otherwise usual red/black and white kits Bayern sport.

Termed a “futuristic” look, the inside of the collar features a globe at the front with Bayern’s iconic slogan “Mia San Mia”. The same words can also be spotted at the back of the collar.

Interestingly, the Bavarian crest appears to be bright green, whereas the accents at the back are featured in purple.

Both Adidas and shirt sponsor Deutsche Telekom’s logos are represented in white.

Notably, never in its entire history have Bayern Munich ever sported a color combination of black, purple, and green. First time for everything!

As is usually the case with brand-new kits, fans have mixed opinions regarding this jersey.

On one hand, some fans find the design “different” and a “breath of fresh air”, the majority seem to be disappointed after the initial leaks had fans expecting an all-black jersey.

Some of the reactions also forecast the jersey to look good when worn on the pitch.

As things stand, Bayern sits on top of the Bundesliga table, the same points as arch-rivals Dortmund. With seven games to go, fans are expecting the Bavarians to comfortably secure the Bundesliga Shield yet again, extending their streak to an astonishing eleven seasons straight.

However, much more of the excitement seems to be circled around Bayern’s chances of going all the way in the UEFA Champions League. With Thomas Tuchel at the helm, Bayern now presents a strong contendership for the biggest prize in Europe.