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Look: Sean Dyche Turns Heads with Unexpected Pink Polo Choice

Look: Sean Dyche Turns Heads with Unexpected Pink Polo Choice

Sean Dyche proved himself as the ultimate survivor after helping Everton barely avoid relegation in the 2022/23 Premier League and he appears to be enjoying a well-earned vacation by wearing the most glaring t-shirt. Fortunately for the gaffer, he can get some rest and take a breather until the end of June before pre-season begins in July.

Dyche is going to stay on as the Toffees’ manager after producing some impressive end-of-season results which saw Everton salvage themselves from the jaws of relegation. The ex-Burnley manager has probably given the upper-management decision-makers a list of players he wants to sign to get the Merseyside Blues competing at a higher level next season.

Sean Dyche rocks wicked pink polo

For now, however, he is ready to slack off and just enjoy his time with his mates and loved ones. The Everton gaffer, who has earned a reputation for wearing the same kind of white shirt and black pants combination for the past few years in matches, appears to have an outlandish dressing style off-the-pitch.

In a recent video of him spending some time with his mates on his holiday in Portugal, Dyche appears to be wearing a pink polo on top of some black shorts. He appears to be having a drink with his mates, but this video has managed to go viral just because of his style of attire.

Dyche is often considered among the most masculine, old-school managers in the Premier League due to his deep voice and intimidating presence, so not many fans could actually envision him wearing something like that after wearing the same outfit for football games for years.

The 51-year-old, who once became a viral sensation on Football Twitter for standing on a snowy football ground wearing nothing but his shirt and pant, appears to be having an animated conversation with his mates in this video.

What’s the price of this pink polo?

It’s not that surprising that Dyche has travelled to Portugal for his vacation after reportedly bagging a bonus of £3.5 million for helping keep Everton afloat in the league. The Englishman appears to be experimenting with the kind of clothes he wears by wearing this pink polo t-shirt, which is actually golf attire.

Indeed, Dyche appears to be wearing a t-shirt from Bunker Mentality – which is mostly dedicated to creating golf clothing. The kit is called the ‘Cmax Ditzy Flower’ polo t-shirt which is a pink kit with a flower-like design and designed for golfers.

The t-shirt has anti-bacterial technology applied to it so it can be worn multiple times before needing a wash, as well as having odour control as well. The exact colour is dubbed as ‘hot pink’, which is not exactly something one would expect Dyche to wear.

When it comes to the Everton faithful, some fans seem to find this entire thing absolutely hilarious to see their gaffer wear something like this. Some even want to get their own hands on the Bunker Mentality t-shirt, which can be bought for around £54.

With that being said, the Everton gaffer might want to be more careful next time not to be caught in public wearing a colour that even resembles something like Red – which is the sworn enemy of the Toffees faithful.

Why Dyche should probably be careful of this colour

There are already photoshopped versions of Dyche’s pink polo coming out with the Liverpool badge inserted in it, indicating that he likes Liverpool – which obviously is not the case at all. He would still opt against wearing this kind of colour because some of the local Everton fans in Merseyside can be really picky towards it.

Back in 2016, the then-Everton manager Ronald Koeman incurred the wrath of many fans by simply posting a picture of his Christmas Tree which was wrapped in red tree decorations. He ultimately had to delete that snap and re-design his tree with a new white look to calm the supporters down.

Dyche is a tough individual who isn’t someone anyone would want to mess with, and he anyhow silenced many fans by helping Everton survive even though many had written him off immediately after his hiring. In any case, knowing the kind of clothes he wears in the Toffees’ games, it’s highly unlikely that the 51-year-old Englishman will be wearing anything else than a white shirt-black pant combo next season.