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Why Kieran Tierney turning up to Arsenal training in long sleeves is surprising

Why Kieran Tierney turning up to Arsenal training in long sleeves is surprising

Kieran Tierney is Mr Tough Guy at Arsenal on several aspects, but his choice of attire while reporting for pre-season training has stunned fans. The Scottish defender has a hardened personality both on and off the pitch.

He’s a no-nonsense defender who plays with his heart on his sleeves. Tierney always puts his everything into his performances, running up and down the left side and often clattering opponents with aggressive challenges. It’s perhaps his aggressiveness and tendency to make his body reach its breaking point that has caused him to become injury-prone.

Kieran Tierney wears full tracksuit to Arsenal training

Irrespective of his injuries, Tierney’s qualities is why he remains a part of Mikel Arteta’s squad. He is also a popular figure in the dressing room, with his tough nature even impressing teammates. The Scotsman is also a fan-favourite for one specific reason, how he turns up in training in the same attire – irrespective of the seasonal changes.

Indeed, Tierney is often seen wearing just a normal half-sleeve t-shirt and shorts to training – even in the freezing cold of winter. There are literal pictures of him nonchalantly training in summer clothes when it has been snowing and his teammates are covered up to their faces.

The 26-year-old defender grew up in Wishaw, Scotland – where it tends to get really cold in winter. The temperature often drops to an average of 0°C to 4.0°c during the months of December and January. That is probably a reason why he’s not bothered by the English winter, even in the coldest months.

That is why recent pictures of the Scotsman turning up to Arsenal’s pre-season training has caught many fans off-guard. In the picture, Tierney can be seen in a rare outfit – wearing a long-sleeve jacket on top of track pants.

Why Tierney wearing long sleeves is weird

This is rather baffling knowing how Tierney is seemingly immune to being cold and he’s wearing winter clothes at this point of the year. He almost never seems to be pictured wearing joggers or long-sleeves, be it during training sessions or matches at the peak of winter.

At this point of time, you probably won’t see many people in Europe to be wearing long-sleeves. The continent is undergoing one of the hottest summers in history. Europe is facing major heat waves in 2023, causing temperatures to rise all over the continent.

Things are relatively better in London, where the average temperature these days is navigating from 15°C to 20°C – but that is normally considered cosy weather in the city.

It’s still not that cold to be wearing long-sleeves and in the case of a hardman like Tierney, it is even more surprising.  Arsenal fans are absolutely bamboozled by what might be the first images of the defender wearing long sleeves since he arrived in 2019 for around £25 million.

Of course, it’s not like one can’t wear a long-sleeve tracksuit in the summer. Normally, these suits are tailor-made by Adidas for the prominent footballers and created to withstand any season. Tierney is probably just wearing it to save his skin from the blistering sunshine and keep himself well-covered from any potential skin irritation.

The Scotsman appears to be well-rested after a month of vacation, but he’ll need to work double-time to keep himself fit and compete strongly for the left-back spot at Arsenal alongside Oleksandr Zinchenko.