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Everything We Know About Antony’s Current Girlfriend Rosilene Silva

Everything We Know About Antony’s Current Girlfriend Rosilene Silva

Rosilene Silva is the girlfriend of Manchester United’s 90-million-pound asset Antony dos Santos.

Rosilene was born on August 10, 1999, and has been together with Antony since their teenage years. She first met him when he played football for Sao Paulo in Brazil and has been in love with him ever since.

The couple had been together when he played for Ajax as well, and soon they decided to get wed in a private ceremony with close friends and family. In 2019, they turned from a couple to a family as they welcomed their son Lorenzo into the world.

As Antony rose through the ranks, Rosilene decided to take care of family duties while Antony’s focus remained on football after his big-money move to Manchester United.

She has been by her lover’s side on and off the pitch as she started to adapt to a new life in Manchester, shifting to Antony’s new home in Cheshire, and has been witnessed supporting her partner by posting pics of herself and her son in the latest Manchester United kits at Old Trafford.

Judging from her social media profile, Rosilene loves traveling and shopping and also seems to be a wine enthusiast, often sharing photos on Instagram with wine glasses.

Her deep affection for her son is also pretty evident as she loves documenting his journey from his early years to the present day.

Rosilene loves to celebrate occasions like Christmas with her family, capturing and sharing these heartwarming moments with her followers.

Her warmth also extends to her dog, who keeps Rosilene and her son company when her husband is away training or playing matches.

Though she has become a public personality, Rosilene has often made sure to keep herself and her family’s lives private from the media.

While she started to attract fame and followers on Instagram, the reason for the sudden deactivation of her account is not known, but now seems to be back on the social media platform crossing a follower count of over 100k.

But in recent news, Antony’s ex-girlfriend, Gabriela Cavallin has accused him of domestic abuse during their time together with documented evidence to support her claims which clearly seems to have put a strain on his current relationship with Rosilene.

Hours after this news, her partner was dropped from the national team, and later that day Rosilene was witnessed leaving their Cheshire home, as she packed her belongings in a suitcase and left her residence.

Football fans all around the world and sports media have been waiting for a response from her to know her standpoint, but Rosilene has decided to remain silent on the issue which has raised a few eyebrows regarding her knowledge of the allegations.

The childhood lovers face challenging conditions regarding the future of their relationship and the outcome of the investigation as public scrutiny piles up on the Brazilian footballer.