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Fabrizio Romano Catches Flak for Endorsing Mason Greenwood: ‘Even Fab Wants the Numbers’

Fabrizio Romano Catches Flak for Endorsing Mason Greenwood: ‘Even Fab Wants the Numbers’

With Mason Greenwood joining Getafe much of the heat has been taken off Manchester United and focus and attention have been shifted to the English handle page of Getafe.

Several posts from Getafe featuring their new signing seem forced and almost unnatural and have as was expected come under a lot of scrutiny and opinions from fans.

Many might have chosen to ignore what was going on with the Greenwood situation in Getafe, but such a stoic attitude will have been tested with Fabrizio Romano, who shared a video of Getafe welcoming Greenwood.

The post in question saw Greenwood walking into the Getafe pitch for the first time with a couple of hundred fans cheering his name.

Greenwood waved to the fans present and did signings, as part of his activities on the day.

If Manchester United has a reputation to keep in the global game, then so does Fabrizio Romano.

In our world of constant scrolling it is hard to imagine any football fan unaware of his name or what he does.

His sharing of the Greenwood post brought immediate criticism with a shared mentality of the post being shared was in poor taste given the history of the player.

His followers were certainly not happy, with Fabrizio involving himself in the scandalous transfer for likes and impressions.

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter was followed by the decision that large content creators of the social media site will directly earn from Twitter.

Romano’s constant posting of transfer news throughout the transfer window was already a topic of discussion of Fabrizio’s earnings from the site.

This notion took an ugly turn with the Greenwood posting. His followers made sure they were aware of what essentially such a post signifies. Fabrizio can’t let go of a few more dollars despite the millions he is already earning at this point.

Incidentally, this is not the first time, by any stretch even, the second that Fabrizio has been caught in a controversy.

They say, the very best of goalkeepers have had their fair share of letting in awful goals and the greatest strikers have all missed sitters, or the people at the very top of their game, in every field, have had their series of downfalls and unsavory decisions.

Fabrizio Romano is no stranger to so.

The Brighton gaffe

During the Marc Cucurella transfer saga between Brighton and Chelsea, Romano announced the transfer before the clubs could even confirm.

Brighton swiftly came out posting on their social media that no discussions taking place between them and Chelsea.

Romano, unwilling to be deterred from his news, pinned the post on his Twitter account. The rest of how it transpired we are all aware.

Cifuentes calls out Romano

Ecuadorian midfielder Jose Cifuentes found himself in a transfer tweet from Romano saying the midfielder is holding talks with Scottish club Rangers.

To say you can’t please everyone, the Cifuentes saga can be always held as an example.

Cifuentes came down on Fabrizio’s tweet posting a series of tweets, mainly communicating that Fabrizio is lying and there are no discussions in place as he is happy in America and sensationally calling Rangers a small club.

While it gave much joy to the Celtic fans, Fabrizio might not have enjoyed being called a liar.