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Harriet Robson Takes to IG to Back Mason Greenwood’s Journey at His New Club

Harriet Robson Takes to IG to Back Mason Greenwood’s Journey at His New Club

When Harriet Robson, took to social media to highlight Mason Greenwood’s details of domestic abuse done to her, the football world was left perplexed.

The ever-conscious public image maintaining English Premier League coupled with the growing backlash from aghast fans had led to Greenwood being dropped from the Manchester United team.

Greenwood since the debacle of the exposure of his abusive traits in the public domain, hasn’t kicked a ball since, there were talks at the time that he won’t be doing so, in his life again.

It took Harriet Robson, now a soon to be parent of a son, fathered by Mason Greenwood, to drop the court charges labeled against Mason Greenwood, to secure a loan move to Getafe.

Rumors have it, that Harriet’s father had played a major role in the charges getting dropped and for peace to ensue again between the couple.

Manchester United had plans, to reintegrate Greenwood, into their squad, but fan backlash, would have meant serious damage to their brand image.

There is still a strong sentiment felt for Harriet Robson, as a victim of a domestic abuse, and in this world of the internet when every past detail can be dug up with a few clicks, horrific details of the manner will take some forgetting.

Greenwood’s loan move to Getafe has predictably come under much scrutiny for the Spanish side.

The club’s official page has posted Greenwood being welcomed for the first time in their ground, by a couple of hundred adoring fans.

Amidst the fans present, was Harriet Robson, cheering for Greenwood, sporting the Getafe blue home jersey. She posted another photo of a kit with the word “Daddy” inscribed at the back

Robson posted photographs of her, at the unveiling of Greenwood as a Getafe player, she is present at the stadium, smiling, as she posed for the pictures.

To say, that reactions to her Instagram post have been less than pleasant would be an understatement.

Supporters who still have strong notions of Greenwood’s actions were made to feel akin to Don Quixote, given Robson’s actions.

Trolls were out on full display mocking others for being on the Internet taking moral stands while the couple has moved on and is going to enjoy life in sunny Spain.

Others found Robson’s actions weird with what has been ongoing so publicly with the couple.

Greenwood supporters felt a case of righteousness as a moment to teach the woke public who are against Greenwood, that Greenwood is not guilty of anything near about heinous.

If Robson’s actions were to garner support for Greenwood, then the PR team might have hit a masterstroke with the posts.

It is not usual or even completely normal for domestic abuse victims to stay with their perpetrators.

It often takes years for them to take control and independence of their situation outside of their abuser.

Harriet Robson’s case is more complex given she is now a mother, dealing with an abusive past in the public eye of the football world known for its fair share of toxic masculinity.

It would be unwise and inhumane to come after her because of the posts she has done, and one imagines will be posting further in support of Mason Greenwood.