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2 signs Mason Greenwood and Harriet Robson might be back together

2 signs Mason Greenwood and Harriet Robson might be back together

The Mason Greenwood saga took a wicked turn in February after it was announced that he is no longer facing any criminal charges against him.

The Greater Manchester Police failed to find enough evidence on his accusations of domestic assault against Harriet Robson in January 2022.

Charges dropped

Greenwood was indefinitely suspended by Manchester United after vile photographs and video evidence emerged on social media of his girlfriend with bruise marks and an audio that indicated that the forward as sexually abusing her.

Just as it appeared that Greenwood’s investigation would continue dragging on with another hearing initially scheduled for later this year, the police announced that they’ve dropped all charges. The Crown Prosecution Services said in a statement: “We have a duty to keep cases under continuous review.

“In this case a combination of the withdrawal of key witnesses and new material that came to light meant there was no longer a realistic prospect of conviction. In these circumstances, we are under a duty to stop the case.”

Manchester United’s current stance on Greenwood

So it was clear that the Greenwood case was dropped because of key witnesses, which can only be Robson and her family, withdrew their stance. Straight after his charges were eliminated, fans were left wondering if United would welcome him back to the squad – after he had last played a game for them in January 2022.

However, the Red Devils swiftly reassured them that he still remains suspended from taking part of training or  participate in games. They announced that the club would now start their own investigation looking into the accusations laid against him before making a final decision on what to do with him.

Greenwood spotted with Harriet Robson amid pregnancy rumours

With that being said, there are some more twists that add to the drama of the mysterious relationship between Greenwood and Robson. That is because soon after it was announced that the charges against him were dropped, the Englishman was seen alongside the young woman at a petrol pump.

A fan posted a video on TikTok of him and his friends spotting Greenwood at a petrol pump. But much to the shock of many fans, it appeared that he was actually hanging around with Robson – who had accused him of domestic assault a year ago.

Soon after this, it was also discovered that Robson had also started following Mason on Instagram, the same platform where she had posted disturbing pictures of her damaged body last year in January.

But that little video wasn’t the end of the drama either.

In late Februray, the Sun dropped a real bombshell by reporting that Greenwood was due to become a first-time dad later this year and tha his family are ‘looking forward’ to the baby being born later this summer.

While there was no mention of who his partner was, some fans are convinced that he’s been back in a relationship with Robson for a long time and that she will be the mother of his child.

Considering that both have been very private and avoiding social media since the incident happened last year, there have been no words from them – only that petrol pump video where it appears that the two are back together.

Will Mason Greenwood play for Manchester United again?

Despite whatever twists and turns unfold in his private life, United are still not sure about if it’ll be smart to bring him back to the fold despite the charges being dropped against him – proving him as an ‘innocent man’ in the eyes of the law.

The Red Devils are reportedly planning a few things in case he is brought back into the fold. That involves making him undergo a TV interview explaining his actions and even undergo therapy or counseling as part of a ‘rehabilitation session’.

Whatever may be, it’s safe to assume that Greenwood will not make his return to action for United this season or be part of any other trophies they win after the Carabao Cup.

He hasn’t played football in over a year and it’ll be a huge mountain climb for the forward to play competitive football at any level in the future.