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Mason Greenwood And Harriet Robson Playing Relationship Games On TikTok Is An Awkward Watch

Mason Greenwood And Harriet Robson Playing Relationship Games On TikTok Is An Awkward Watch

As he still awaits the verdict over his Manchester United future, it appears that Mason Greenwood has been reduced to making TikTok videos.

The Englishman has not played a single game of football since January 2022, when his career turned upside-down after shocking domestic violence and rape charges.

Incidentally, the person who laid these accusations against him – Harriet Robson – appears to have mended her relationship with him again.

The two were caught up in a very public investigation, which saw Greenwood suspended by United after Robson posted shocking evidence of bodily harm and claimed ‘Mason did it’ on Instagram last year.

Now fast-forward just a year later and Greenwood has had the charges against him dropped and is no longer the victim of any criminal investigation in England anymore.

Even though it’s unclear what lies in the future for him in professional football, with United now undertaking their own investigations into the charges against him, Greenwood seems to be in a happy relationship with Robson.

Mason Greenwood’s TikTok clip with Harriet Robson reveals personal details

Greenwood and Robson are again living together after the dramatic case and Mason appears to be happy with her, branding a short hairstyle and looking relatively satisfied with his current condition – with United still paying him his weekly wages despite the suspension.

The two created a new TikTok video that seems to be following some kind of a current ‘couple goals’ trend on the platform. It basically has the two of them sitting close to each other and listening to a number of ‘relationship questions’ that some might want to know.

A number of questions are blurted out to them and they are only allowed to point at either themselves or their partner to answer it. The first question, for example, asks ‘who made the first move?’ and Mason points to himself – while Robson also points at him.

There are a number of very personal questions, including ‘who works harder’ – to which both point at Greenwood – who has not really been working on his footballing duties for over a year. There are some more weird questions like ‘who wears the pants in the relationship’ – to which both point at Robson.

One really uneasy one, especially considering their turbulent relationship, asks ‘Who is more likely to get away with murder’ – to which both point at each other!

It’s definitely an awkward watch, with their controversies laid bare in public in the last year.

Greenwood’s Tiktok clip makes fans uncomfortable

The majority of fans have found this entire interaction in the clip to be really awkward and are confused over how these two can be in such a loving relationship after everything that has transpired in the last year or so.

Some appear to be more empathetic towards Mason, while others are finding this to be really cringe-inducing. Even though Greenwood appears to be happy making TikTok videos and living out his private life with his girlfriend, his ulterior goal would be to return to football.

United are yet to make any statement on whether or not he can be expected to return soon, as they continue their internal investigations against him.

If he does make a miraculous return to football at the highest level, Greenwood will probably have to do something spectacular to improve his tainted reputation going forward.