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The Real Story behind John Terry’s Super High Autograph Charges

The Real Story behind John Terry’s Super High Autograph Charges

Of all the footballers who are quite attuned to controversy John Terry’s name will be right among the top marksmen in this category.

His latest encounters with the familiar realms of debatable argumentative behavior might have come a bit or maybe a lot unfairly.

Terry has signed himself up with an event company by the name of, Knock Out Memorabilia.

The company specializes in hosting events by placing A-listers at the center of their event organizing talks accompanied by dinner table parties and autographs by the celebrity guest all for a certain expensive fee.

That is all fine and good and in fact, quite a common sight particularly in the American culture.

Often sporting stars of basketball or American football or celebrity film actors and directors partake in similar events. Popular event Comic Con is one such event.

The mentality over in England is particularly a whole lot welcoming to these ways of organizing events often viewed as a skewing way to prey on the love of the fans.

So, when, Terry courtesy of his partnership with Knock Out Memorabilia was to be involved in an exactly similar event involving a talking session followed by autographs and dinner all for five hundred fans.

It is safe to assume, that football is often considered a sport for the working class coupled with the ever-increasing cost of living crisis in the United Kingdom.

The move did not go down well with even the Chelsea fans who are arch-supporters of their former captain and club legend.

Four locations have been picked out for the event to take place, Bournemouth, London, Birmingham, and already has been completed the opening day of the four-day event on 8th September at Basingstoke.

While Terry has become the subject of the talking point for charging five hundred pounds for a simple talk-and-eat event, the organizers have already Peter Schmeichel in their roster and a glance on the site reveals already other A-list footballers like Michael Owen have already taken part in similar events with the company.

So is Terry getting hatred for something rather common at at least among the posh sections of the society?

He probably is, There is a market there involving people who are willing to pay an exorbitant amount for some time with their favorite celebrity and Terry is simply capitalizing on that space.

It is called good business and there were already plenty of other companies in the UK itself hosting similar events partnering with fan favorites in every field. 

The charging fee might be high but the fee is not set up by the former England captain himself, he has signed a contract with the company and it is they who decide the price.

There will be plenty of other global stars organizing similar events as this one and it really hurts no one other than an opportunity to earn or raise a couple of bucks.