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Sergio Busquets’ FC 24 Pace Ratings Catches Fans Off Guard: ‘People in Wheelchair Move Faster’

Sergio Busquets’ FC 24 Pace Ratings Catches Fans Off Guard: ‘People in Wheelchair Move Faster’

“You watch the game, you don’t see Busquets. You watch Busquets, you see the whole game.” – Vicente del Bosque.  

This above-mentioned quote succinctly describes Busquets and gives us an understanding of his game and his abilities as a footballer. Although far passed his peak, the former Barcelona man is still one of the players who could easily be a starter at Barcelona or even the Spanish national team.

Sergio Busquets is the archetypal definition of a deep-lying playmaker. His role in Barcelona and Spain was defined clearly. Stay in your place, take the ball, pass the ball.

Serving as the anchor in the midfield, Busquets excels in reading the game and positioning himself strategically on the field. He’s known for his ability to anticipate opponents’ moves and position himself to intercept passes and block attacks effectively.

The 35-year-old is also known for his immaculate press resistance technique. Thanks to his composure when facing high pressure from opponents, Busquets can easily evade pressure and pass his way out of tight situations, helping his team break through the opponent’s defensive lines.

Fans on X, formerly known as Twitter, however, are a little unimpressed and bothered by something that Sergio Busquets isn’t renowned for and that is his FC 24 pace ratings.

The FC 24 scorecard gives the Inter Miami star a shocking 37 rating in the pace department. People who have seen Busquets play know very well that he is not known or regarded for his pace. A lot of fans don’t even remember the last time the World Cup winner went for a sprint, nonetheless, they still think it is way lower than a professional player should get.

However, this is not the first time “The Octopus” got an outlandish pace rating, as FIFA 19 gave him a 43 score, which clearly reflects that the EA fraternity doesn’t see him as a quick runner.

His pace isn’t the only thing that has shocked fans. If Busi’s pace rating is outlandish, his pass rating is blasphemous. The Spaniard has received a 79 rating in the passing department, something that has baffled fans for all the right season.

It is blasphemous because Busquets is renowned for his exceptional passing skills. He is adept at both short and long-range passing, using his vision and accuracy to initiate attacks and maintain possession for his team.

According to Infogol, in his last season at Barcelona, when his best days were behind him, Busquets still managed to complete 1788 passes, with 89% of completed passes.

Busquets isn’t going to be bothered by such trivial things. He is currently enjoying his final years as a professional football player with his pals, Lionel Messi and Jordi Alba. On the other hand, fans can shake hands on the fact that EA stats are often ludicrous.