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Where to Find the Purple Nike Sweatshirt James Maddison Wore on TikTok Recently

Where to Find the Purple Nike Sweatshirt James Maddison Wore on TikTok Recently

James Maddison has already become a vital player at Tottenham Hotspur since his summer move from Leicester City and the club hasn’t only made him vice-captain, but are discreetly making him market their merchandise too.

Indeed, the Lilywhites have already handed Maddison a major role in their squad, even though he’s barely been at the club for a few months. He’s already one of the leaders in the dressing room, a regular starter, and a recognizable face in the squad that can easily be used to promote a lot of things.

Maddison is not only a majestic player on the pitch, but also a charismatic and likeable person outside of it as well. He’s a happy-going, emotional guy who has a lot of fans swooning over him – something that Spurs realized immediately after signing him in the summer for around £40 million.

James Maddison dons sweet Spurs sweatshirt in TikTok video

The Lilywhites are now regularly featuring him in a lot of their off-the-pitch segments to keep the fans engaged when the football is not on. Maddison was recently featured in a game-section video released by the club on TikTok.

In this game, the Englishman had to blow a little orange ball into three cups that were placed at the edge of a table. After a lot of tries, he manages to finally divert the little plastic ball into a cup – even though he ends up failing in the majority of his attempts.

Maddison is also seen wearing a rather unique piece of Spurs merchandise in the video, a purple sweatshirt that was created by manufacturer Nike to be worn by players outside of the football field.

The sweatshirt appears to be one that someone can wear by itself or possibly on top of a t-shirt or football kit underneath too.

A lot of fans have started to swoon about how gorgeous the sweatshirt looked and how well the Spurs midfielder was able to carry it off. The sweatshirt is a light purple one with the Nike and club logo kept in white, giving it a really regal look.

What is the price of the purple Tottenham sweatshirt?

The sweatshirt isn’t the most expensive thing either. It is priced at around £60, which is actually lower than what you will need to pay to buy the Lilywhites’ home or away kits this season.

Here is Spurs’ official description of the attire: “Show everyone who you support in the soft and cosy Spurs Adult Nike Purple Crest Crew 2023/24. This crew neck features proud details at the chest. Made in a classic fit style , it helps you stay warm when you’re cheering on your squad in cooler temperatures.

“Ribbed cuffs and hems to help keep the crew in place while you move. This crest crew has a cosy, familiar feel and consistent fit you can return to again and again. Perfect for warmth and softness, it’s an ideal layer for colder temperatures.”

Unfortunately, the sweatshirt is actually sold out in the official Tottenham store for the time being. It is, however, available for the same price at other retail stores for fans who are really desperate to get their hands on it.

Some Tottenham fans already appear to have beaten Maddison to the chase and bought this gorgeous sweatshirt, showing off how it looks in real life.

Others are desperate to get their hands on it, even though the sweatshirt probably can’t be worn at this point in time in the UK due to the brutal summer heat that is tormenting citizens in the country.

It is, however, perfect to wear to matches or just when you are out in public once winter sets in. Spurs fans can both show their love for their club and also look really cool with this elegant yet stylish sweatshirt, which might be one of the best things Nike has created for the club this season.