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Nicolo Fagioli Likened to 6ix9ine for Snitching on Sandro Tonali

Nicolo Fagioli Likened to 6ix9ine for Snitching on Sandro Tonali

The Italian football fraternity have been rocked by the latest betting scandal that has engulfed some of their brightest young footballers.

Juventus midfielder Nicolo Fagioli and Newcastle United star Sandro Tonali are the focus points of this after investigators realized that the two were involved in illegal betting activities.

In a rather astonishing twist, Fagioli recently confessed everything about his betting activities and hinted that it was actually Tonali who convinced him to start betting.

He allegedly told investigators: “Tonali? I saw him with his mobile phone and he was betting, I couldn’t see whether it was on football or other sports, and I asked him what he was doing and he replied that I could do it too because the movements were not traceable.”

“That’s when I started betting too because others were doing it and I didn’t have to worry about whether the sites were regular or not. And there were rumors in the community that he too had huge debts around.”

Basically, not only did the Juventus midfielder confess his own wrongdoings but also ended up dragging Tonali down with him.

Both are now expected to be suspended by the Italian football federation, with the Newcastle midfielder in danger of a longer ban if these accusations are proven to be true.

Fagioli has infuriated a lot of fans by blatantly opening his mouth to blabber everything and basically snitching on his national teammate.

Some have immediately started to compare him with 6ix9ine (Tekashi 6ix9ine). 6ix9ine has gained the reputation for being the ultimate snitch for revealing all the criminal activities of his former crew, the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods in a 2018 criminal case.

6ix9ine was labeled a traitor for turning on his best friends and getting them into trouble. Some fans see a lot of similarity in Fagioli getting Tonali into deeper trouble with how 6ix9ine turned on his mates to save his own skin.

Irrespective of the Juventus man’s statement, both him and Tonali will be banned for football for a sizeable time to send a message to any other footballer thinking of betting activates.