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William Saliba Pens New Partnership with Footwear Brand Loathed By Many

William Saliba Pens New Partnership with Footwear Brand Loathed By Many

Arsenal defender William Saliba might be an Erling Haaland-slaying beast on the pitch, but it appears that the Frenchman has this tendency to make himself look good outside it.

He looked really dapper for the launch of Arsenal’s third kit for the 2023/24 season. Even in simple night-out plans with the boys, the Frenchman dresses in a really classy fashion.

However, it appears that Saliba has now embraced a ‘modern’ brand of footwear to diversify his wardrobe collection.

The French centre-back has recently signed a surprising deal which will see him act as an ambassador for the American shoe brand ‘Crocs’. This is a really popular type of shoe which is like a covered slipper with holes in it.

Saliba was recently unveiled as a model for Crocs, wearing them with his classy attire.

He also lavished the brand with a lot of praise, saying: “Crocs has always been on my radar because its various designs and styles are very cool. In the modern-day footwear scene, Crocs epitomizes the fusion of comfort and personal style, allowing individuals to express themselves uniquely. Like Crocs, I’ve always embraced individuality. I think everyone who knows shoes, knows Crocs. You just need a pair of Crocs.”

This has attracted a really mixed reaction from the Arsenal faithful.

Some fans feel that only someone as dapper as Saliba can make something like Crocs, which is loathed by many Boomers or even Millennials, look good.

He does try his best to be the best possible advertisement for Crocs and make it look really slick.

However, a lot of fans are still disappointed with Crocs and are refusing to believe that he said these words about Crocs.

Despite Saliba trying his best to sell the brand to fans, a number of supporters are still refusing to buy into it.

The Frenchman must be getting paid a lot of money by collaborating with Crocs, which is a brand of shoe that is nothing like the cleats or boots that he normally wears on the pitch for Arsenal.